To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee: Scout’s Curiosity Essay

July 24, 2017 General Studies

Throughout the novel. To Kill a Mockingbird. Scout. the storyteller of the narrative. brushs many escapades in Maycomb. a town full of the disease of bias. She shows her wonder and independency as a kid by oppugning and inquiring about life in her community. Her independency leads her to oppugn many of the prejudiced beliefs in her town. therefore puting her in the minority.

Scout’s independency is evidenced by her changeless inquiring of things around her. Sometimes. she asks inquiries that are really personal of people that might do them uncomfortable. When a male child named Dill. moves in following door for the summer. she instantly asks him “where his male parent was” . She surveies Dill’s visual aspect and finds him curious and labels him a “curiosity” ( 7 ) . This is dry because she calls him a “curiosity” when she is the 1 that is really funny. At times. her sense of wonder wages off ; such as the clip she sees a piece of tin foil “winking at [ her ] in the afternoon sun” ( 33 ) . Most childs. believing that it was trash. would merely allow it be. Scout. on the other manus. reaches up and catch it while standing on “tiptoe” ( 33 ) . To her liking. it happens to be gum: Wrigley’s Double Mint to be exact. Lookout. her typical wonder taking her to seek most anything. “cram [ s ] it into [ her ] mouth” ( 33 ) and enjoys it.

Yet. on a broader graduated table. Scout is ever seeking to happen out about the universe around her by reading books and inquiring inquiries. “ [ She ] knew nil except what [ she ] gathered from Time magazine and reading everything [ she ] could put [ her ] custodies on” ( 33 ) . She learns a batch from reading. but she besides learns about the universe by oppugning. She ever asks Atticus. her male parent. the significance of things. such as “nigger-lover” or “rape” ; words that she invariably hears throughout the town taking up to the tribunal instance. She feels comfy around Atticus because he believes in equality and because he tells Scout whatever she asks. Atticus feels that kids are equal to grownups in all facets.

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She besides asks inquiries of Miss Maudie. one of the major feminine influences she has while turning up. One of the people Scout asks approximately is Arthur “Boo” Radley. the adult male who lives in a rundown hovel down the street. Most people think that he is brainsick and are scared of him. but they have ne’er really seen him. She can non halt believing about how Boo looks and Acts of the Apostless and ends up seeking to happen out with the aid of Dill and Jem. her brother. The three of them seek to acquire Boo out because Scout is non scared of hoot. merely funny. Scout. along with Dill and Jem. acquire in problem by Atticus for trouble oneselfing Boo and playing games sing the Radleys.

Scout’s wonder is expressed in different. sometimes contrasting. ways. At times. she is wholly independent ; yet other times she is dependent on Jem or Atticus and ever wants to cognize what is go oning around her. She is ever inquiring where Jem is traveling. and ever ends up following him. For illustration. she follows him to the tribunal to see the instance of Tom Robinson. Meanwhile. when the rabble appears at the gaol where Atticus is guarding Tom. Scout doesn’t listen to Jem when he “shrieked and tried to catch [ her ] ” ( 152 ) . She ignores him and runs toward Atticus. showing her independency. An illustration of how she thinks in the minority is exemplified when she asks Atticus. “Are we traveling to win it. ” ( 76 ) .

Lookout is inquiring if he will win the instance. Most of the people in Maycomb have been taken over by racism. but she belongs to the little group of people that believe in equality within the community. She wants Atticus to win since bias has non taken over her head. She believes in equality. merely like her male parent. Scout’s wonder leads her to go more independent throughout her childhood yet she still needs the aid of Jem and Atticus.

Scout’s wonder greatly affects many people in Maycomb by oppugning their continuing bias. When Scout follows Jem and Dill to the gaol to see if Atticus is safe. Lookout influences Mr. Walter Cunningham. by speaking to him. He and the rabble that he is with had planned to kill Tom Robinson and possibly even Atticus. but Scout. merely a kid. stopped them. She runs up and starts doing conversation with Walter. This makes “Walter Cunningham stand in [ Atticus’ ] places. ” ( 157 ) and believe twice approximately what he is making. He so orders the group of work forces to go forth. “It took an eight-year-old kid to convey ’em to their senses” ( 157 ) . Atticus said acrimoniously subsequently. She besides has a large impact on Boo Radley.

Since Boo ever stays indoors. he has noticed Scout and Jem seeking. hopelessly. to acquire Boo out. Boo knows precisely what they are up to and where they are at all times. On the dark of Halloween. Scout and Jem are attacked by Bob Ewell and Boo saves them. He would non hold been able to salvage them if the childs hadn’t played outside his house. Scout doesn’t know that she influenced him. but she did. along with the aid of Jem. In the terminal. Boo saved their life because of Scout’s wonder.

Scout’s funny behaviour plays an of import function in the life of the community. along with her ain personality. As a consequence of this wonder. she saves the life of Atticus. Tom Robinson. Jem. and herself and she rescues Boo from his alone life. She has learned to reject biass in life. particularly toward certain people. such as inkinesss or Boo Radley. However. the bulk of Maycomb has yet to recognize the rough affects of their biass.


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