To Kill a Mockingbird Essay

October 26, 2017 Cultural

In the book. To Kill A Mockingbird. one of the chief cardinal focal points is demoing life in the American South during the Great Depression. There are many issues of race. such as the contention over Atticus supporting Tom Robinson in his test. and when Calpurnia. the black housekeeper. takes the Finch kids to church. There are besides issues in acceptable household values and constructions and is best depicted when Aunt Alexandra comes to populate with the Finches to learn Scout how to be ladylike.

America during this clip period was really unintegrated. particularly in the South. In this book. Tom Robinson. a black adult male. is accused of ravishing Bob Ewell’s girl. The reader subsequently finds out that Tom was unjustly accused due to racism. and was still sentenced to gaol because of racism. Even though black people were non seen as peers at that clip. Atticus still took the instance. Because Atticus was supporting a black adult male. he was ridiculed a batch by other people in the town. Peoples were even giving Scout and Jem a difficult clip about it at school. Throughout all the ridicule nevertheless. Atticus stayed by Tom to support him because he knew it was the right thing to make.

Another manner that segregation was seen throughout the book was with the Finch’s housekeeper. Calpurnia. One twenty-four hours. Calpurnia took Scout and Jem to her church service. which was all black. The kids were able to see so many cultural differences between white people and black people. First of all. they did non experience like the people at the service were really welcoming except for one of Calpurnia’s friends. They merely felt similar castawaies throughout the whole service. Second. they noticed that the curate was really comfy with naming people out on their wickednesss. During the portion of the service where the curate normally names off people to pray for. the curate did that. but added what he or she did incorrectly so that they would experience ashamed and non make it once more. Even though traveling t the service was an uncomfortable experience for Scout and Jem. it was a turning point in the book because the kids realized that black people have their ain lives and are non merely a white man’s slave.

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What can besides be seen in the book are illustrations of acceptable household values and construction. Because the kids have no female parent in the book. their Aunt Alexandra moves in. She claims to be traveling in to learn Scout how to be ladylike. but she is besides seeking to act upon Atticus on his tribunal instance with Tom Robinson. Aunt Alexandra kept stating Scout how to move decently and Scout did non appreciate it. The reader besides finds out that the Finch household has lived where they live now for a few coevalss. every bit good as other members in that town. That was wholly normal in that clip. but it besides meant that everybody knew everything about each other ; it was a really closely knit community.

Since this book was published. a batch has changed. There is no longer about entire segregation in the South. and it is non a mother’s or an aunt’s responsibility to learn a immature miss to be lady-like. The narrative accurately depicted life in the American South during the Great Depression.


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