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February 8, 2019 Medical

To adequately assist Miss Sue Li, knowledge of her cultural values is essential to aid in effective communication and treatment. It may also be beneficial to find out from which Asian culture she originated as there are subsets within Asian cultures. She may also have adapted the western culture and should not be stereotyped. Some general consideration is that Asian Americans do not openly show strong emotions and usually present with a stoic demeanor. She may have strong connections to her family and may require assistance, permission and guidance in decision making as it relates to her care. A fatalistic attitude about sickness may make Asian patients/families seem resigned to their situation. (Carteret, 2010). She may seem accepting of the situation as her culture has an attitude of acceptance to what life brings it must not be mistaken however that she does not want or require help. They do have high expectation that their medical providers will take care of them without much verbal interaction.

There are quite a few things to take into consideration. First there needs to be a respect for her personal space so that she does not feel that it is being intruded upon. Depending on if she was born here or is third generation she may have different customs and may be more westernized. When assessing her laymen’s terms will be used so that she may better understand what is being asked of her. The entire time she will be examined for signs of abuse. Since Ms. Li may be reluctant to volunteer information is it important to ask open ended questions.
The Abuse Assessment screen is a tool used by medical care professionals and counselors to determine if someone is suffering from mental, physical or sexual abuse. The Abuse Assessment screen is a questionnaire with multiple items that lets a medical care professional knows if their patient is suffering from abuse from their partner (Laughon et al., 2008). This can be used while the patient is pregnant or before they become pregnant. The questionnaire is available to in emergency rooms and it is available to women upon their first visit for prenatal care.
If a nurse suspects that their patient is being abused they should make sure that the patient can’t harm themselves by taking away any objects that could do the job. The nurse should then document everything about the patient and the incident The nurse should then make sure that the authorities know of the incident and make sure that the patient can get to a safe place like a relative’s home or shelter.

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