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January 17, 2017 Architecture

An event or a time marked by an occurrence that begins a new period of development. Paleontologists use epochs to identify different periods of time, according to the significant flora and fauna that flourished then. While the term epoch generally is used to describe global events, there have been periods in human history that justify such a distinction. The Renaissance, which threw out the dismal path of feudal ages, replacing it with of a revival of art, learning and achievement, clearly is such a time.

The people of the ancient Roman Empire were the founders of advanced accomplishments in art, architecture, math and science. However, among the onset of the Middle Ages, much that had been created was lost, as Europe slipped into a period of dark chaos, which would last for approximately seven centuries. For close to a millennium, generations toiled, and civilization regressed. However, the 16th century brought about changes in the way people thought. The manor was no longer the center of daily life, and the appropriate lifestyle a person would follow was not determined by birth. People left the feudal society in search of a newer and better life. This exodus marked the start of the Renaissance; a renewal of art, learning, and above all, of life. .

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If ancient Rome was to be studied, one of the things that would surpass many other feats is the beauty. There is no question that some of the most magnificent pieces of art and architecture in existence were created in that time. The commencement of medieval times saw little advancement in the arts, and may have even deteriorated the accomplishments of the Romans. The Renaissance, however, saw the resurrection of what previous centuries had forgotten. Sculptors and painters flourished through the support of patrons. Whereas medieval art was dark and ecclesiastical, Renaissance art reintroduced depth, perspective, color and realism. The fifteenth century truly was a rebirth’ of the arts.


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