Today Youth Lifestyle Essay

September 13, 2017 Engineering

Lifestyle is a image for every individual who wear it and illustrates how much the moral values? ? of people in environing communities. Or besides. life manner is an art cultivated by everyone. Lifestyle is besides really closely related to the times and engineering. Increasing age and progressively sophisticated engineering. the more widespread execution of life style besides by worlds in mundane life. In another sense. life style can give positive or negative effects for those who run it. Well. depending on how that individual worked. Today. the life style is frequently misused by most adolescents. Furthermore. teens who are in a Metropolitan metropolis.

They tend to follow manner life style today. Of class. manner is manner that they copied from the West. If they can filtrate out the good and proper. so the effects may besides be positive. But otherwise. if non smarter than people in western memflter manner. it will negatively impact their ain. One illustration of the life style of adolescents who follow Western manner in mundane life is a affair of “dressed” . Problems clothed adolescents of today are ever associated with the times and engineering. Because. most of Indonesia. peculiarly adolescents. in apparels ever obeying the prevalent manner.

Even more unhappily. in many television Stationss show illustrations of life manner in the teens dressed people who follow western manner. Metropolitan Auto non merely adolescents who follow manner. but besides the people who are in small towns or countryside. Most of the youth civilization of Indonesia has non been able to filtrate it decently. So. negatiflah consequence originating from the teen’s ain ego. We know that the manner adopted by most western people deviate from the moral. While we are cognizant that Indonesia is celebrated for luhurnya kesopanannya and kindness. However. some Indonesian adolescent so mimic or follow the Western manner without the filter is good and right.

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And maybe it would be bad for our future coevalss. The following illustration. lifestyle most teens follow the western civilization is taking a drink – liquor. drugs. and other similar improper goods. They assume that if it does non devour these goods. so he will be judged as a society that is out of day of the month or non slang. This is a really incorrect impression. In this modern epoch. did the teens claimed to be – the bosom in all things. Both in the association. every bit good as the application of life. And if we are careful. imbibe – liquor and drugs can damage wellness and mental wellness of people who consume them. But they are non really familiar with that term.

Why? Again because of the influence of the times and engineering through the custodies of the West. Drink – intoxicant and drugs is one illustration of the many illustrations of the western life style that is really unsafe and really influential for the advanced degree of a state. And more queerly. this civilization has been followed by some adolescents Indonesia. Therefore. in this modern epoch of the all parents who have adolescent kids should supervise the societal. friends. and life styles which they apply. And for the teens should be cautious in accepting the civilization from the outside and should be able to filtrate the civilization from the exterior in good and proper.


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