Todays Society Vs Ideal Society Sociology Essay

October 20, 2017 March 26th, 2018 Sociology

In The Communist Manifesto, the writers Karl Marx and Engels feels that this capitalist economy with the aid of industrialisation is the increasing the productiveness of economic system manner beyond expected. This is the chief ground for category battle where the oppressor regulation and destroy the laden category. In short Capitalism has turned out to be a money doing system in which rich people ain private belongingss and to remain in the market, they distribute it harmonizing to the turning competition amongst themselves. “ Capital is hence non personal, it is societal, power ” ( Marx and Engels 24 ) . On the other, Thomas More ‘s “ Utopia ” is wholly a different society called as an ideal society where people do non run their concern for interest of net income but still live a peaceable life. The ground for peaceful and felicity in their life is unity and public ownership which solves the chief societal jobs such as poorness and inequality. The political Torahs, spiritual rules and societal issues are development in such a mode that it benefits non a individual person but the complete Utopian society. Not merely throughout the history but besides in today ‘s society money is consider as a key to success and people think that power and celebrity along with the rise our their wealth.

In the Communist Manifesto, the writers Marx and Engels point out that rise of capital as the chief beginning of category battle. “ Society as a whole is more and more dividing up into two great hostile cantonments, into two great categories straight confronting each other – Bourgeoisie and Proletariat ” ( Marx and Engels 9 ) . The Proletariats are the low working category society that live on the labour power and do non do any net income but instead work under Bourgeoisie to bring forth goods for the society. On the other manus Middle classs are upper category people that ain private belongingss and concern that make net income by working the Proletariats. A concern can merely do net income when the income of capital is more than the result or the disbursal. This is possible by doing the labour category, work more and pay them less. “ The mean monetary value of wage-labor is the minimal pay, i.e. , that quantum of the agencies of subsistence which is perfectly needed to maintain the labour in bare being as a labourer ” ( Marx and Engels 24 ) . This leaves labour with no pick, but to work under the upper category for their day-to-day life. The writers believe that this upper category people should concentrate more on the betterment of their labour ‘s life, as they are their exclusive manner to gain net income. The category battle has still non ended, in fact the rich are going richer and hapless going poorer and wealth is the 1 responsible for this position. The instance in Thomas More ‘s Utopia is different.

He has made up a finish named Utopia which is known for the ideal society, a perfect and a societal life where there is no competition among the people. This is complete different society which has different rules which treats everyone every bit and more significantly, no one owns any belongings by himself. Agribusiness is the chief business and each household is given a piece of land. One of the rules that is different from today ‘s clip is that Utopian household has caput of family that takes the things needed without any exchange for money or direct goods. Surely fright of want makes all sort of animate being greedy and predatory, but merely world is made so by pride, which makes them see their ain glorification enhanced if they excel others in exposing otiose ownership, and in Utopia there is no topographic point for such thought. If everyone begins to believe in such a mode, than there are opportunities that we could derive freedom from category battle and achieve integrity.

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The Utopian Torahs are really just to people because every determination is taken for the benefits of the complete society. However, some of these Torahs are unlogical and difficult on people. For illustration, the boy must hold same trade as his male parent. “ But if anyone is drawn to another business, he is transferred by acceptance into another family where he can work at the trade he wants to prosecute ” . This breaks the bond a kid has with his household merely to accomplish different trade. However, after get the hanging both the trades, he gets to pattern whichever he wants until and unless there is higher demand of the other trade in the metropolis. Furthermore, he works for the trade which benefits the society as a whole and non himself as an person. The instruction in Utopian society is non compulsory and really few people are allowed to go forth their labour work for instruction. They besides believe that value of life is gained through instruction for which every kid is given complete instruction. It is interesting to happen that although the Utopians have labour work as their chief calling ; most of this people are seen making rational surveies in their free clip. In today ‘s clip, the instruction system is in danger and needs to be rescued “ from the influence of the opinion category ” ( *** ) . This upper people, with the influence of Modern Industry, are impacting the instruction of kids of working labour category. This leads to transmutation of their kids to “ simple articles of commercialism and instruments of labour ” ( *** ) . Nowadays there are some states which has public schools supplying free instruction to kids.

Utopia is titled as communist province non merely by critics but besides by the writers of The Communist Manifesto, Marx and Engels. After reading the text, we find Utopia as communist province. It is mentioned in the Manifesto that net income and competition is damaging the importance of the community: “ The middle class, wherever it has got the upper manus, has put an terminal to all feudal aˆ¦ has left no other bond between adult male and adult male than bare self involvement, than indurate “ hard currency payment ” aˆ¦ has resolved personal worth into exchange value aˆ¦ and has set up that individual, conscienceless freedom – Free Trade ” ( 11 ) . Similarly, in Utopia, Hythloday quotes that wherever there is belongings, everything is in the footings of wealth and net income. He farther tells that it is difficult for the common people to derive justness until “ justness is served when all the best thing travel to the worst people or that felicity is possible when everything shared among themselves who are non wholly happy, while the remainder are plunged into wretchedness ” ( 46 ) . However, some Communist states portion few differences with Utopia in footings of faith. We know that faith exist in Utopia and has similar believe like other faiths i.e. , there is merely one God but might hold different nature. Whereas the communist states like China and Russia are among the top atheist state where 59 % and 22 % of the population severally, does n’t believe in God and follow no faith ( Atheist ) . We know besides that in Utopia people do non have any money or belongings whereas in China functionary abuse power of their place to derive wealth for personal benefit.

The text by Thomas More, Karl Marx and Fredrick Engels shows that there could be two possible societies, an ideal society, i.e. , Utopian Society, where everything works with flawlessness and money has no value and the other society would be our present society, which is divided into upper category and working category based on wealth. Peoples are sing money as the exclusive beginning of felicity. This thought of ours is destroying many lives each twelvemonth. Although the unjust intervention such as inequality, labour pay, and category battle had started off in the beginning of Capitalism, still go oning and seems to be an eternal 1. Today ‘s society detracts the attractive force of being vernal by coercing work onto people in order to win. It is unfair to the workers who contribute the most to the society and have really less in return. We must set an terminal to private ownership and promote public ownership. In public ownership people do n’t have anything and poorness does n’t be. However, people have a guarantees life of felicity and stableness.

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