Tokugawa and Manchu

Manchu that had derived from China and Tokugawa that had derived from Japan are two tribes that had fought for their rights and the beliefs they had believed in. Both were ruling powers that lasted for a certain amount of time that had equally shaped the way both countries are now. Although one being from China and the other from Japan, through our studies in class we come to see that not only are they different but they come to be similar as well in some aspects. Both honoring a traditional lifestyle of loyalty , duty and respect, both had long lasting effects on their nations.

Manchu people came from Manchuria, a place north of the Great Wall of China that had believed highly of the Beijing emperor. However, they had always neglected his over leadership in many ways and once rebellion occurred Manchu people saw their chance in advocating against the emperor and soon won the support of many of the conservative Chinese and mandarin class on their side. Therefore, Manchu was the last dynasty to occur and become the most successful as well. They ruled from 1644 to 1912 at the end of the Ming Dynasty that lead to the development of both the Qing Dynasty and Jin Dynasty that had formed what is China today. The Manchu people had talented skilled of hunting and were mainly involved in hunting and some were skilled in horsemanship and archery. The imposed a traditional lifestyle that liked the ideas of order and respect for authority and made sure to ensure justice in the villages. Two great leaders of the Qing Dynasty were Kangxi and his grandson Qienlong that had developed long lasting policies. However, it was also noted that as generations passed on people started straying away from the Manchu lifestyle and cultivated their own regardless that they were all brought up the Manchu way. Both emperors made it clear that they would try their hardest to separate the Manchu tribesmen from the other ethnic Chinese people yet the Manchu language …

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