Tolkien’s “The Hobbit” compared to Homer’s “The Odyssey” Essay Sample

August 10, 2017 Construction

The Odyssey is an heroic verse form written by Homer and passed down the centuries by the unwritten tradition. The Hobbit is a fantasy novel authored by J. R. R. Tolkien presenting the world-renowned Lord of the Rings series. At first glimpse. the similarities might look obscure. but the head covering opens when examined closely. There are many similarities between The Odyssey and The Hobbit.

The footing of The Odyssey and The Hobbit is the epic journey. The Odyssey is told in the tradition of an heroic journey while The Hobbit is told as a antic journey. The journeys themselves have many similarities. One similarity in peculiar is the hindrances of the journey. The hindrances of both journeys have monsters they have to get the better of. people they must flim-flam. and the environment they must chasten. The chief hindrance of the journey in The Odyssey is the sea. Because they do non go through H2O ( except for a short barrel drive ) in The Hobbit. the land is the chief hindrance. The turn overing seas and high storms Odysseus faced are similar to the lofty mountains and dark woods Bilbo faced. Neither character could command their state of affairs. but Gods did non coerce the state of affairs upon Bilbo. Another close similarity between The Hobbit and The Odyssey is the usage of vino as a depressant.

Wine might non look to belong in an essay comparing two journeys. nevertheless. vino plays an built-in portion in the journeys of the two books. Most significantly. vino helps the heroes escape from their capturers. An illustration can be found in Book 9 of The Odyssey. Polyphemus traps Odysseus and his crew in a cave and is approximately to devour them. However. Odysseus lulls Polyphemus to kip utilizing wine and blinds him. He so escapes by concealing under his shaggy random-access memories ( 888-942 ) . There is a similar allusion in The Hobbit: Bilbo uses strong spirits to lull the prison guards to kip. While they are asleep. he frees his friends and they steal off in barrels. In both instances. vino was used as a depressant. which enabled them to go on their journey. Another illustration is the manner they escape from the animals they drug with the vino. Odysseus and Bilbo both show hocus-pocus by utilizing a Trojan Equus caballus secret plan. Odysseus’s hides under a random-access memory while Bilbo and his friend’s fell in barrels. both flight under the olfactory organs of their capturers.

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Although there are people and animals that impede their journey. there are besides people and animals that help Odysseus and Bilbo. The similar assistants are Athena and Gandalf. Both Athena and Gandalf refuse to utilize their powers to interfere straight with the individual they protect ( Odysseus and Bilbo severally ) . Athena could really easy hold gotten Odysseus place. but she chooses to allow Odysseus maturate on his ain with a small of her aid. Evidence for this comes when Athena disguised as Mentor says to Telemachus. “What unusual talk you permit yourself. Telemachus. A God could salvage the adult male [ Odysseus ] by merely wishing it? from the farthest shore in the world” ( 211-213 ) . Gandalf is really similar to Athena in this mode. He does non straight interfere with the lives of those without charming powers. In Chapter 2 an first-class illustration is given. trolls catch Bilbo and his friends and endanger to eat them. this menace leaves Gandalf no pick but to liberate them. Alternatively of killing the trolls outright. he frees them by fraudulence. By flim-flaming the trolls into an statement. Gandalf manages to hold them turned to lapidate by the Sun ( trolls can non be touched by the beams of sunshine or they are turned to rock ) . Gandalf did non straight kill the trolls ; alternatively. he delayed them so they did non recognize morning was upon them.

The actions of the two heroes are rather likewise. However. one must non supervise the qualities of the heroes themselves. Bilbo is really similar to Odysseus. The easiest to spot is that both use hocus-pocus to accomplish their end. Odysseus proves to be a crafty chap when he returns place but conceals his visual aspect and name. Had he revealed his visual aspect and name. the suers who were good armed would hold rapidly killed him. Alternatively. he waits and draws the suers to an enclosed room with no arms ; there he kills them all and repossess his land. Bilbo shows many of Odysseus’s qualities. Alternatively of hotfooting headlong into the Smaug’s ( the firedrake that is guarding the hoarded wealth cache. a unsafe and barbarous firedrake ) den. he teases and tantalizes Smaug. This causes Smaug to hotfoot out into the town where is killed by Bard.

These two classics provide the basic construction of the Journey. The similarities between the books are eldritch even though one is an heroic journey and the other a antic journey. The Odyssey and The Hobbit are one of the greatest classics of Western literature and are rather likewise with many similarities.


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