Too Big to Fail Essay

July 26, 2017 General Studies

1. ( Up to about 25:00 ) Why did Henry Paulson have to name all the CEOs to do a private sector trade? What trade? Why did Henry Paulson think that the private sector solution was necessary? Explain from the point of the thought of “Moral Hazard” .

The taxpayers would non be willing to travel for another bailout hence seeking to repair this issue with a private sector trade seemed a better tantrum for this state of affairs. The trade would piece all the major Bankss CEOs in a room and they would hold to happen a solution together on how they could deliver Lehman Brothers. Paulson was non traveling to bail them with authorities money because he said they ever make the same errors and ne’er learn they get avaricious and hence they should see this as a warning that the authorities will non ever be at that place to deliver if you mess up continuously. Paulson and authorities acted as advisers and non safety cyberspaces and he wanted to do certain they understood.

2. ( Up to about 43:00 ) Why did the Lehman Brothers sell non work out? ( up to about 48:00 ) Why did Paulson desire Lehman Brothers to register Bankruptcy before markets opened?

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The trade did non work because the British had to wait at least until 30 twenty-four hours to hold the consent of the stockholders on this trade and in general they were non comfy with this trade even if the other American Bankss offered to finance the toxic assets. They had to register for bankruptcy because if they didn’t the market would of been dragged down even further and Merrill Lynch would be dead excessively.

3. ( From about 53:00 ) Why did the markets in Europe and the USA still panic after Leman Brothers’ autumn?

Because the autumn of AIG which is the largest insurance company in the universe and runing all over the universe. they besides had all the major Bankss from all over the universe puting in their CDOs. therefore is AIG goes down everyone all over Europe and USA will panic.

4. ( From about 53:00 ) How does the existent economic system ( industries/corporations ) get affected after a fiscal sector terror? You can utilize the illustration of General Electric.

General Electric’s fiscal division is extremely severely impacting the whole twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours operations of the company because the initiation was hard to acquire since there was a recognition crisis. When a recognition crisis happens Bankss do non do loans to the general populace and do non do loans to the other concerns therefore there is a backwardation consequence on the whole economic system impacting all the economic system.

5. ( From about 42:40 ) Why couldn’t the authorities let AIG neglect? How was AIG entangled with the full planetary fiscal market? Why would every bank travel under if AIG went under?

As explained in inquiry 3. AIG is the largest insurance company in the universe. and every other major bank in the universe had investings in CDOs with them. Bing excessively large to neglect agencies that if they would failed they would of dragged the whole universe economic system with them. they would hold non adequate money to pay out all the Bankss that invested into them. The authorities despite stating no bailouts will be made had no pick to bail AIG out otherwise the economic system would of drop even further and make a universe catastrophe.

Extra Credit Question:

6. Many people argue that the govt. should hold bailed out the householders by straight giving pecuniary support to the householders. non to the large Bankss who had messed up with people’s money. In that manner householders would non hold to travel for foreclosures and home-price would non fall. and that would salvage the banks’ balance tabular arraies excessively. Why do you believe the system could/couldn’t be saved that manner?

This may hold been an thought but the procedure of making this would hold been perfectly clip dearly-won and the bulk of the jobs occurred within the fiscal Bankss. Keeping and stabilising the Bankss was a better thought since if they would of failed in the market they could hold still died even is the people would hold their places integral and wholly paid. Without a banking system the hereafter old ages would hold been awful and no more loans or money circulating would be available.


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