Toothpaste and Stimulus Generalization

Case One: The Dental Care Aisle of Confusion Page C-15 1. The strategic benefits of stimulus generalization outweigh its disadvantages in strategic marketing. In my opinion, the stimulus generalization comes with the open economy that the US offers. Being that we are not limited to just one brand of merchandise, the only disadvantage I can really see is the frustration that may come from having to choose. If a consumer is for some reason unpleased with their chosen version of a product, more than likely they can find what they are looking for in another product with the same brand name.

For this reason some companies will never go out of business once they conquer the marketing concept of establishing themselves as a household name. The easiest way to achieve this is through stimulus generalization. 2. The marketers of Crest and Colgate can decrease consumer confusion regarding toothpastes and related oral hygiene products by distinguishing the difference between the products they offer. For this reason, there will remain a fierce competition in the marketplace between these two brands.

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Crest and Colgate both offer a line of products that profess to do the same things. They both offer various types of toothpaste, floss, and mouthwash as well as toothbrushes. To decrease consumer confusion, the identity of a particular product in the line should be made to stand out from the rest. Being that when one brand brings out a new product the other brand brings out a new one that is similar, it is basically a matter of personal choice and what works for that consumer and their situation.



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