Top Marks For The Best Employee Awards Management Essay

July 28, 2017 Management

Presents an increasing figure of organisations employ ‘Best Employee Awards ‘ as a agency to actuate their employees, and directors believe that best employee awards could promote employees to make their ends or carry through their undertakings in an efficient mode. In fact, as the stating ‘every coin has two sides ‘ goes, “ top Markss for the best employee awards ” has its ain advantages and disadvantages. Therefore it is important for directors to do full usage of the benefits of this sort of motive while avoiding its negatives.

This essay is separated into three parts. The first portion shows the construction of the essay while the 2nd portion focuses on analysing the benefits and jobs of “ top Markss for the best employee awards ” . At the same clip, positions from relevant literature and the illustrations from the instance are used to back up the points of the essay. The decision of this essay can be found in the last portion where several utile suggestions are given for operation of organisations.

2. Analysiss and Discussion

2. 1 The strategy of “ Top Marks for the best employee awards ” and the motives of utilizing it

The “ Top Marks for the Best Employee Awards ” is a method of staff motive and an one-year public presentation rating method. It gives directors a opportunity to acknowledge the employees who produce the best-qualify work during month or twelvemonth of rating. Usually organisations will measure the best employees harmonizing to their public presentations and so present them with fillip, trips, publicity and so on ( Murray, 1982 ) . The intent is to promote desirable behaviours by foregrounding function theoretical accounts, so that every employee could put a end to be the best employee. Consequently, organisations could obtain augmentation in productiveness and profitableness by honoring and maintaining their top public presentations.

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2.2 Advantages of utilizing Best Employee Awards as staff incentives

Different organisations set up different awards ; nevertheless, these assorted methods will take to different effects and consequences of staff motive. Hence it is truly of import for organisations to do right usage of staff incentives such as best employee awards. Harmonizing to the literature reviewed and the instance, the advantages of utilizing this strategy are summarized as follows:

First of wholly, best employee awards can bring forth ferocious competition between persons or squads of employees within an organisation. While merely a few employees could have awards based on their single public presentation, all the other employees normally would see those awards proprietors as function theoretical accounts to animate themselves and to work harder. ( Lloyd, 2009 ) . Gratuitous to state, it is a strong staff incentive. As the instance mentioned, Mr. Devine takes the best employee awards as a portion of an overall scheme to place who top performing artists are so that all the employees try their best to better their public presentations. Without the competition, the organisation will diminish its productiveness and profitableness.

Second, intelligently designed inducements can be a blessing to companies that seek to retain first-class employees for the long term. Lucrative awards, whether these are in the signifier of stock or fillips, make it worthwhile for employees to remain at their house, even if a salary offer from a rival is more attractive ( Grote, 2005 ) . Incentives can besides do employees experience as if their difficult work is appreciated and recognized, therefore reflecting good on their directors and the company as a whole. Those individuals having the awards in the organisation will go more loyal and esteem the value of the organisation. As a consequence, they will set all their energy into work to lend the organisation.

Third, by utilizing positive support to actuate employees, a director may construct a good relationship with his employee, which fosters a sense of trust ( Lindner, 1998 ) . In a good manager-subordinate relationship, employees may experience well-thought-of and comfy in their working environment. Supplying wagess, both touchable and in the signifier of congratulations, can do employees happier. Happier employees frequently perform better at work. Merely as the illustration of the instance mentioned, Stephen Carella was a team leader at Kwik-Fit Financial Services and he set the best employee awards as a end at the start of the twelvemonth. He said the best employee awards was a great inducement and motivated him to make his best at work. Harmonizing to him, when he was rewarded the great hard currency award, it was the best minute of his life. Such wagess could do employees more royal to their organisations and they may see the organisations as their places, which, in bend, will profit the organisations.

2.3 Disadvantages of utilizing Best Employee Awards as staff incentives

Although there are so many advantages of Best Employee Awards, we should see the other side of it, the disadvantages of it can be concluded as follows:

First of all, employee bitterness will be a serious job in the organisation. Because best employee awards can merely be awarded to few individuals, so some employees who think they work harder than award victors will experience unjust ( Kerslake, 2002 ) . In other words, in a perfect scenario, where the employees who work the hardest ever harvest the most wagess, inducements pose small job. But no companies operate in an ideal universe and therefore inducements can engender bitterness and strife among squads and employees. So like the illustration in the instance mentioned: it ‘s really of import that staff believe you have chosen the right individual ; it ‘s critical for the credibleness of the strategy. It would be a catastrophe if the award is awarded to the incorrect people. At the same clip, Best Employee Awards will take to hapless teamwork because single inducement strategies by definition promote single instead than squad attempt ( Clemmer, ( 2004 ) . Some employee will concentrate on their personal public presentation but wage less attending to the cooperation of squad every bit good as the whole company ‘s involvement.

Furthermore, while it ‘s easy to quantify a salesman ‘s public presentation, it is harder to quantify a staff author ‘s part to the section, even if the author is adding merely every bit much value to the company. That can do those under an incentive strategy to experience thankless every bit good as lead to the instance of the receivers of unjust intervention. Therefore, utilizing negative enforcement as a signifier of motive could do employees to go disgruntled with their occupations. Unhappy workers typically produce less choice work, go sulky or neglect wholly to run into deadlines ( Podmoroff, 2005 ) . So how to do appropriate wagess troubles all the directors. Good wagess could promote employees but inappropriate wagess may non. In the instance, the salesman was awarded Best Employee but felt embarrassment because of the hapless award. As a consequence, the most first-class employee left the company.

Third, even though the organisation executes the ideal strategy of wagess, for the best employee, using excessively much motive or offering excessively many wagess can besides hold a negative consequence. Employees can go over-confident and they may experience that they are the foremans ‘ favourite workers, even if they start to slack off on their undertakings or prove the bounds of their working relationship with their supervisors ( Messmer, 2001 ) . Best Employee Awards may make reluctance to exertA theA expected levelA ofA attempt: workers may believe that direction will increasingly increaseA theA public presentation marks required to triggerA theA same fillip payment ( Smith, 2004 ) . They may hence be loath to transport on atA theA inducements levelA ofA public presentation they have achieved, onA theA grounds that this will merely ensue in higher marks that will makeA theA fillip more hard to obtain.

2.4 Recommendations

The analysis of Best Employee Awards will assist us to do full usage of the staff motive. As to how to present powerful congratulations and wagess in the organisation justly, there are three primary factors that determineA theA effectivity of Best Employee Awards.

The first 1 is right time.A Directors should present congratulations and awards at the right clip, allowing employees experience proud about the awards instead than experience ashamed. If award victors feel ashamed, so such awards would travel the opposite manner merely as the two illustrations in the instance.

The 2nd recommendation is right individual. Directors are supposed to take the most first-class employees to present ( Bruce, 1998 ) . Then, the right individuals will be function theoretical accounts of the organisation. If non, other employers will be unsatisfied with the awards so that the staff motive would neglect. The organisation should give the award which is what the employees truly want. That manner the employees will experience that they are valued by the company and will acquire motivated.

The 3rd one is right praise.A We all know that ‘how you say something is every bit of import as what you say’.A TheA same rule applies in staff motive. Praising with energy and enthusiasm is more powerful than being stoical about it. In other words, directors should utilize high congratulations to reenforce staff motive. For illustration, the general congratulations such as “ Good occupation! ” contributes really small to its effectivity. TheA more enthusiastically supervisors deliver their congratulations, A theA more impact it has. Regardless of the degree of enthusiasm, it is critical that supervisors deliverA theA feedback unfeignedly. Directors should ne’er go forth theirA employeesA with theA possible impression that the congratulations is non sincere.

3. Decision

This essay discusses the positives and negatives of ‘Best Employee Awards ‘ , which is a popular method employed by directors to actuate their staff. It foremost outlines the basic strategy of “ Top Marks for the best employee awards ” and so look at the advantages of utilizing Best Employee Awards as staff incentives in three ways. What Follows is the coins of such agencies of motive. Finally three practical recommendations are given to avoid those possible drawbacks of utilizing ‘Best Employee Awards ‘ .


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