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Specific Purpose: To inform my audience about the celebration of Christmas. Central Idea: Christmas is one of the most popular Holiday’s. This holiday is celebrated by majority of the American population. Christmas is a holiday that can be celebrated through a religious belief, secular belief or both. Main Points: Today’s society Christmas is idolized by a man named Santa Clause through a person’s secular belief. A person that celebrates Christmas religiously particularly Christianity idolizes the holiday by the birth of Jesus Christ.

Introduction: What are the emotions you have when giving or receiving a gift? How do you feel when you are surrounded by loved ones that share the same belief as you? Is the feeling happiness, curiosity love, excitement, or peace? Well, Christmas is one of the many holidays’ that will have you feeling awesome inside and out! Before the late 18th century Americans were not allowed to celebrate Christmas. In the 19th century the holiday was re-invented from a disorderly carnival, into a family and friends gathering.

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Growing up I was raised in a home that shared to secular and religious celebration of Christmas. On the day of Christmas we would share our religious belief with one another, before opening the gifts. After our religious celebration, we opened the gifts practicing our secular belief. The goal of my speech is to inform you how Christmas is celebrated in America. From this speech I hope you gain the knowledge of the two ways majority of the Americans celebrate Christmas. I will distinguish the two secular and religious beliefs of celebrating Christmas the American way.



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