Touching the Void

May 4, 2018 General Studies

Exemplifies his fear as there is a queasy, unsettling feeling in his stomach because of the situation he is in. He uses emotive language in the lines ‘It wasn’t just broken, it was ruptured, twisted, crushed.. ‘, Joe piled up powerful adjectives to make us undergo what he is feeling. In this line he also used the power Of three to showcase and emphasize the seriousness Of his condition. This also paints a graphic image in the readers’ mind which builds a picture of Joe with his shattered, broken knee up against a slope. Joe also uses powerful imagery to make readers imagine what is happening to him ND to show us his pain, ‘… Reroutes distortion in the right knee, twisting the leg into a strange zigzag’. Joey’s fear is conveyed when he was thinking to himself, ‘I’ve broken my leg, that’s it. I’m dead… ‘. Joe is arguing with himself, trying to convince himself that ‘it doses ‘t hurt so much’ and that ‘maybe [he has] just ripped something’. Joe is trying to reassure himself that everything going to be alright. That it’s nothing serious and it’s just a page he can turn. This shows the readers that Joe is obviously scared, that he is trying to reason with himself and not acknowledge the grave situation he is in.

Left here? Alone? ‘ This shows the uncertainty and underlying fear that overwhelms Joe. He fears that Simon will have no choice but to leave him, and is helpless in the situation, seeing as how he broke his leg. The use of rhetorical questions tells the reader just how frail Joe is, how he is ‘teetering on the edge of it’, how he does not want to be left alone, 19,000 feet up, with a broken leg, a condition in which anyone would have a right to be absolutely terrified. For that reason, I do think Joe is successful in making the readers appreciate his pain and fear.

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