Tour Management System

October 8, 2017 Management

Tour Management System


Sky Holidays is a company covering in touristry in Sri Lanka which offers circuits programs for both local and international tourers. Preset circuit bundles and flexible circuit bundles are besides offered by this company in maintaining with the client demands. Several mistakes and inefficiencies have been detected in the current system which is being manually operated. Therefore, the mechanization of the system was done to heighten the overall public presentation. Elimination of all possible mistakes and the development of accurate and user friendly interfaces which have direct focal point on the decrease of the work burden of all users were the chief marks achieved by this desktop application. With one cursory glimpse users are privileged to see information such as offered price reductions, net income borders, provider information etc. A flexible service with enhanced truth and efficiency for the extreme satisfaction of both the company and its client is the ultimate end of this solution.

I. Chapter 1


This Final Report paperss the inside informations of the enforced system for Sky Holidays Tourism Company. The old manual system of the company has been automated by this stand-lone application and it is titled as “Tour Management System ( Version 1.0 ) ” .

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i. Overview and Background

This undertaking was handed over by Sky Holidays company, a circuit agreement company for tourers with the purpose of researching Sri Lanka. The chief duty of the company is supplying of Tourss including adjustment and transit to the tourers. The system which was used by Sky Holidays was a complete manually goaded system therefore had several disadvantages due to inefficiency, inacuuracy & A ; extra clip and energy ingestion. Therefore, for the riddance of all jobs and for the sweetening of the treating velocity of the regular activity by permutation of the manual procedures with an machine-controlled system was required.

two. Purpose and Aim

The chief ground to develop this package was the enthusiasm of implementing an advanced merchandise with advanced thoughts in comparing to the bing manually handled system. The chief demand was the develpoement of package which is high in user friendliness and with the capableness of replacing of all procedures handled by the company successfully. The company had less restraints on the development of the merchandise, the duty of the usage of relevant engineerings and designs was wholly dependent on the developer ‘s pick. The range was another of import factor to be considered. The system of Sky Holidays was divided into three bomber parts Customer Management, Tour Management & A ; Supplier Management.

Accompolishment of client ‘s extreme satisfaction, decrease of staff work load by coincident entree to multiple client petitions, automatic client presentment coevals with SMS and E-mail installation, efficient direction of informations update and retrival with minimized redundancies, manitenance of truth & A ; consistence in managing of information, successful longterm & A ; short term determination devising by designation of the most profitable trades with the advantage of the machine-controlled system and the functionality of enhanced study coevals for high volume statistical intents and acheivement of all the manually operated undertakings with low disbursal are the chief ends to be achieved by the TMS.

TMS is developed to get the better of all the above mentioned jobs. The system is developed maintaining the chief aim, which is to implement extremely useable system with user-friendliness in head. Once the system is deployed at Sky Holidays Company, all employees will interact with TMS for executing the full procedure which used to be handled manually. TMS has been built with simple user interfaces where cardinal board inputs are minimized. Happenings of errors in informations managing have been reduced with proofs including Error messages and unseeable Fieldss to curtail merely the accurate informations to be passed on to the database. TMS is designed merely for the use of the company staff. Each staff member who straight interacts with the system will hold his or her ain privileged degrees of entree to the system. All current manual procedures handled, will hold an automated option to transport out efficient undertakings so that the Sky Holidays staff would be able to trust on the system itself.

three. Motivation

Within the last few old ages the touristry industry of Sri Lanka has developed in major volume due to the terminal or war and terrorist act activities. Therefore, the Sri Lankan touristry companies have taken witting attempt to migrate from manual operation to automated processing and new engineerings to better the bing touristry environment. Sky Holidays, was another touristry company which required service mechanization for the sweetening of the services provided for its customerbase.

The frequent support and the motive given by the client led the development of the package “Tour Management System” to the present criterion. The uttermost accomplishment could be acquired to the highest due to the independency in the pick of the scheduling linguistic communication, database and advanced thoughts of sweetening. The attack of errors, jobs and elucidations during the phase of Requirement Analysis by the company was admirable.

four. Aims

The chief aim of the undertaking is to develop a extremely useable and user friendly system which captures all demands of the client. Enhanced velocity, truth, public presentation, productiveness and security are the other aims in add-on.

The system would be designed with user friendliness in head. The chief mark of client satisfaction would be fulfilled by speedy and accurate responses which are enhanced by the efficient and obvious entree. Effortless operation of the package can be performed by any user due to the superior user friendliness. A really recent user to the system would hold the ability in managing all the basic maps by ain ego due to the simpleness and consistence in each of the interfaces.

Accuracy in long term or short term determination devising is to be achieved by all users of the company harmonizing to possible and good travel programs and the demands of the clients. Ease of determination handling will be approved by the fast coevals of the needed end products such as charge, price reductions and retrieval of client and provider information.

A high criterion of security is expected to be maintained by the mandate and hallmark of the users of the system. User functions of different degrees such as Accountants, Data Entry Operators, Managers and Receptionists, will be applied in the Sky Holidays Company. Therefore, the menace of important alterations by the users of lower degree will non impact the functionality of the machine-controlled system.

Coincident and coincident entree to the system enhances the processing velocity and increases the figure of clients covering with the company and the advantage of profitable grosss can be achieved. This will be achieved by doing usage of some of the advanced engineerings which exist at nowadays.

II. Chapter 2

System Requirements and Analysis

I. Outlining of Requirements


The vision of the development of this tour direction package is to supply efficient, accurate and user-friendly ambiance for the benefit of its users and to cut down clip ingestion and some of the security menaces of the company and to supply ultimate client satisfaction.


“Tour Management System” , the package which will be implemented to automatize the demands of Sky Holidays Company will manage all the major procedures which are driven manually at current. The system would be a stand-alone application with an fond regard of a database, which shops all related informations.

Requirements Analysis

Performing a survey of the bing manual system was done as an enterprise. Furthermore, treatments and interviews with the staff members were held and mentioning of the reportsand paperss were to be taken topographic point for the assemblage of demands. The program fordeveloping solutions for the proposed system was done by each member harmonizing totheir ain thoughts and research. There after the design of the system and the advantageswere discovered.

Addition of efficiency and effectivity, decrease of costs, hazard direction, reductionof clip ingestion, maximising resource use and developing a system approachare the chief undertakings to be covered by this system.

The demands analysis and specification chapter understands the exact necessity of the client and its proper certification. This stage consists of two diverse activities: Requirements assemblage, analysis and Requirements specification.

The suggested package is expected to hold maximized security, dependability, public presentation, serviceability and maintainability as its chief features. It is unafraid from external menaces as the package is developed for the internal usage of the company which includes merely the members of the staff.The optimized security is achieved by hallmark and mandate done by delegating user degrees and watchwords harmonizing to those degrees. All the procedures of the touristry company will be automated and hence there would be no necessity of manual minutess or procedures which are prone to mistakes. The users can be thoroughly dependant of the system due to its truth and efficiency. The questions, sum of informations storage, concurrence in entree of the database and the plan algorithms are analyzed and the most efficient solutions were used to optimise the overall public presentation of the system. One of the major concerns was the designing of the interfaces. The signifier design was done with ultimate attention to minimise all the mistakes which are possible to happen due to users ‘ errors. A precise design for the system was implemented one time the prevalent demands were analyzed.

Corporate benefits

* The informations security of the company will increase dramatically. Any information escape that may impede any concern schemes will be diminished.

* Day to twenty-four hours operations of the company will be good monitored and efficient. Therefore, it will ease client satisfaction.

* The proposed characteristics of TMS will take to better decision-making and better net income for the company.

Benefits for the Company ‘s Cliental

* Customers will be able to see a more efficient service from the company with SMS & A ; E-mail presentments when acquiring registered at the company client base and will have automatic SMS/E-mail presentments sing payment inside informations.

* Customers will be given the advantage of sing a customized circuit other than a predetermined circuit.

* The clients will hold a better opportunity of pass oning their positions on the services they get.

Indirect Benefits for the Developer

* Extended acquaintance gained on the latest technological tendencies in the.NET platform.

* Gaining of better cognition and experience in the concern sphere.

two. Requirements Elicitation Summary.

Given below is the graphical representation of the replies analyzed in the questionairres.

1. Operational Level Employee Job Satisfaction Ratio Analysis

2. Managerial Level Employee Job Satisfaction Ratio Analysis

three. Consolidation of Analysis

Business position

Sky Holidays is chiefly an inward circuit operator. Selling both preset Tours every bit good as customized Tours has been a duty of these tour agents. Both single and group tourers are handled by Sky Holidays. Preset Tourss have been specifically designed for people who have no thought about the vicinities. Custom Tourss have been designed to entertain repetition clients every bit good as clients with specific demands. Preset tours shall be modified to do them custom or a wholly new one can be designed from abrasion.

The current system of Sky Holidays is a manual system, and it has been divided to three classs as below.

Tour Management

Vendor Management

Customer Management

A petition was made by the company for the mechanization of all the manual maps, which were carried out in the above mentioned four systems. The solution “Tour Management System” is a ego oriented merchandise. This system will non incorporate with any package merchandise used presently at Sky Holidays.

Due to the manual procedure, which was being used, many issues in the efficiency of direction had been encountered in the client database. Many jobs have occurred in the chief maps of the present system, which are, Vendor direction ( Suppliers ) , Client direction and Tour direction.

Present jobs of the company and the proposed solutions are mentioned below

Malposition of the provider rates is a chief job, which the company has faced. The client is provided with estimations based on older rates so that the company net income lessenings. Customizing Tourss harmonizing to suite client demands has become hard as the information needed to do speedy determinations is unavailable. This leads to the hold of respond to the client, and degrades the public presentation of the company. Another major issue is the trouble in managing multiple client demands at the same time.

Directors of the company face a job in doing critical determinations such as add-on of a provider. Comparison between providers and sellers seems to be hard, as the of import statistics are non arranged in a mode to demo the difference of cost factors in one position.

The Sky Holidays staff besides faces jobs in doing long term and short term determinations such as accepting and prosecuting orders, doing trades with the most profitable customer/supplier etc. hence, they tend to inquire directors for the solutions in many instances. The directors of the company want to minimise this issue as it leads to a waste of clip.

Business Product/Service maps

The maps of the proposed system can be summarized as follows

* Tour Management

* Add New Tour

* Edit Tour Details

* Delete Tour

* Customize a Tour

Customer Management

* Add New Customer

* Edit Customer Details

Supplier Management

* Add New Supplier

* Edit Supplier Details

* Delete Supplier

Order Fulfillment

* Generate Tour Estimate

* Generate Reservation Vouchers

* Generate Customer Bills

* Generate Customer Vouchers

* Handle Payments

User categories and features

As the proposed system would be built specifically for Sky Holidays Company, the mark audience is anticipated to be the company ‘s employee base. Therefore, the undermentioned list of user types are identified as the assorted system users.

Administrator Administrator is the top most privileged individual in the staff hierarchy. The decision maker has entree to manage any procedure handled by the TMS. Creation of log-ins, creative activity of user histories is specific to the decision maker.

Managerial staff Second most privileged staff member is the managerial staffs who have less entree permissions than the decision maker and more than operators do. Managerial staff can entree all the maps which are non specific no an decision maker.

Operators The least privileged staff members are operators who will manage lone minutess and other operations.

four. Requirement Specifications.

1. Functional Requirements

Customer Management

Supplier Management

Tour Management

Order Fulfillment

Report Generation

2. Nonfunctional Requirements

Performance demands

TMS itself will follow with undermentioned public presentation steps. In any state of affairs that system unable to execute defined public presentation, system will see it as a malfunction and will be locked to keep truth and unity.

The system is designed to be executed every bit fast as possible by frequent users. More the system is used easy it becomes to utilize.

PF-1 Multi-user Access of the System

Users of the system will be able to entree TMS at the same time. This characteristic will be provided by SQL waiter and consistence and unity of informations will be maintained by using several constrain on informations.

PF-2 Effect of informations locking

When a user tries to update informations in the database, informations will be locked and prevented by others users gain entree to the same informations so that the consistence of informations will be assured.

Safety demands

The system will non necessitate specially defined safety measurings. But as in general, users are advice to keep basic etiquette while utilizing the computing machines and webs.

SA-1 Minutess will be enabled to extinguish incompatibility of informations and system clangs.

SA-2 Backup and Restore mechanisms will be used to forestall from information losingss.

SA-4 Users will be automatically logged off by the system at a defined clip for security intents. User will necessitate to retype merely the watchword to login to the system.

Security demands

SE-1 Every user must alter his ab initio assigned login watchword instantly after his first successful login. The initial watchword may ne’er be reused.

SE-2 Role based hallmark for operation. Multiple entree degrees will be available. Allowing of entree to each option in TMS will be based on the user degree. The visibleness of the options will be managed harmonizing to the entree degrees by sing the login inside informations

SE-3 The users have to log in to their machines foremost and at that place after the user will log on to the system by supplying a separate type of hallmark.

SE-4 Every user must log off from the system at the terminal of the twenty-four hours or at the terminal of his work session.

SE-5 More than three unsuccessful login efforts to the system will be discouraged by the system. Any user who attempts more than thrice to log in will acquire his/her history automatically locked by the system.

Software quality properties


EF-1 Resource demands will be figured out utilizing a tool.


MB-1 Abstraction will be use every bit much as possible in order to do maintainability easy as possible.


IN-1 Only users who have Administrator entree privileges shall be able to alter system constellation for the whole system.

IN-2 Only users who have Manager and Administrator entree privileges shall be able to make studies and add providers and do determinations sing the evaluations of the points.


UB-1 The size and the arrangement will be consistent for all the user screens design.

UB-2 Esthetic design of user screens will do the user off from get oning from uninterrupted work.

UB-3 Shortcut keys for fast entree of often used bids. Frequently used options will be numbered for fast entree and the figure for each option will be consistent among all the user screens.

UB-4 The design of buttons will be same in all the user screens.

UB-4 HELP option which lists solutions for most of the jobs the user may oppugn when utilizing the system as a new user. This option is available in every user screen.


CT-1 All the Fieldss which will reassign informations to the internal database will be validated before storage.

Operating environment

The system will run merely within the premises of Sky Holidays Company. Therefore, the application should be able to run on computing machines that do non do an extra fiscal load on the company.

The system is Not REQUIRED to run in harmoniousness with any other bing applications as they will be removed from operation every bit shortly as this application is up and running.

A personal computing machine ( Personal computer ) would be set up as the waiter where the database resides and for each of the Sky Holidays staff demand to hold a personal computing machine.

Server Specifications

Operating System – Windows Server 2003/Windows XP

Difficult Disk Drive – 300 GB or above

RAM – 2GB or above

Processor – Intel Core 2 Duo 2.0 MHz

Software – .NET Model 2 or above

Personal computer Specifications

Operating System – Windows XP/Windows Vista

Difficult Disk Drive – 100MB or above merely to run the TMS package

RAM – 2GB or above

Processor – Intel Dual Core 2.0 MHz or above

VGA – 1024*768 supported VGA declaration

User environment

Any user, who needs more elucidations about maps carried out by the systems, will necessitate to mention the user manual and design certifications delivered along with the package. The user can hold entree to the manual every bit good as the “HELP” subdivision while utilizing the package when he/she needs solve a job sing the maps of the package.

v. Design/Implemetation Constraints


Third party tools will non be used because built in constituents will be given the first precedence when developing the system.

six. Feasibility Study.

In the feasibleness phase the chief mark is to find whether it would be functionally/operationally, economically, lawfully and technically executable to develop the merchandise within the allocated period of clip. After holding several treatments with the client all information relevant to the system was gathered. The behaviour of the system, assorted inputs of informations, required procedures & A ; out puts of the system was identified with the assistance of the demand analysis which was performed. Different possible solutions were investigated after obtaining the cognition of possible drawbacks and negative out comes of the system. Each of the solutions was examined sing the footings of needed resources, the cost of development and clip consumed for the development of each solution.

Legal feasibleness

This package and related certification are entirely the belongings of the developer and all the work and other related stuff are copyrighted hence may non be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed without permission.According to the survey refering contracts, liability, misdemeanors, and legal other traps often unknown to the proficient staff there were no other legal issues sing the execution of the TMS within the company.

Technical feasibleness

The needed engineering required for the patterned advance of the undertaking in the development of the package is available in Sri Lanka. The needed package for scheduling, planing and documenting, manpower for proving and debugging of package can be easy obtained. The proposed distributed system will do usage of the company LAN and the available hardware resources within the company itself which will be financially good for the company as the extra investings in the mechanization of the manual system will be minimized.

Operational feasibleness

It has been confirmed by the direction staff that support will be given sing the development, execution and the operation of the TMS after execution takes topographic point. Enhancements to the current manual system are accepted by full staff as it will chiefly cut down clip ingestion. Therefore, the new alterations are welcomed by the users harmonizing to the cogent evidence provided by interviews and questionnaires. Such early engagement reduces the chance of opposition towards the new system, TMS. Efficient & A ; accurate handiness of information, determination devising, study coevals and decrease of the work load of the limited figure of staff in the company will be profit the company in multiple positions and will increase the overall responses of clients of the company. This will consequence the development of the Sky Holidays during a short period of clip.

Economic feasibleness

The system can be judged to be economically executable as the expected benefits exceed the expected costs harmonizing to the cost benefit analysis performed.








Increase Productivity






Monitering Lost tools






Reduse clip alocation for each fix






Entire Benefits






Development Costss

Co2 Duo 2.8MHz Personal computer







Server Software














Software Licenses







Development labour







Entire Development cost







Operational cost













Operational labour






Entire operational cost






Supplier costs







pressman ink






Entire supply cost






Entire costs







Entire Benefits – Sum cost

( 145,000 )






Accumulative Net Cash Flow

( 1,271,000 )

( 806,500 )

( 317,000 )



Present value ( benefit )







Present value ( cost )







Net Present Value ( NPV )


Tax return on Investment ( ROI )

17.94 %

Break -Even Point

2.6 Old ages

( Costss are to the full recovered in 3 old ages )

seven. Undertaking Timeline

eight. Undertaking Plan.

III. Chapter 3

Systems Design

I. Design Overview

Software lifecycle

Software life rhythm is a methodological analysis that is typically used to develop, keep and replace information systems for bettering the quality of the package design and development procedure. The typical stages are demands garnering and analysis, design, execution, proving and care. The success of package mostly depends on these stages. The package development life rhythm used for the development of TMS is the synergistic waterfall method.

The end of the design stage is to transform the specified demands into a construction that is suited for execution in some programming linguistic communication. The design stage was initiated by spliting the whole system into major sub classs such as Screen designs, Database design, Database vs. Screen connexion, Logic development, and Report coevals. There was a great possibility of meeting hazards during the design stage of the system. A well planned, less error prone design was implemented harmonizing to the client ‘s demands. The chief design of the system was divided in to three classs such as Vendor direction ( Suppliers ) , Client direction and Tour direction.

The initial measure was to develop the user screens and acquire the blessing from the client for the GUI design. Much loop was done in this procedure of screen flow planing to ticket melody the flow of user screens while discoursing with the client. When the screen flow was finalized with the client planing the user screens utilizing Ocular Studio 2008 and database design was done in analogue. The database design will be initiated by planing the EER diagram for the system. Once the ER is mapped into relational scheme, standardization is done for all the scheme to ticket tune the database. UML diagrams such as Use instance diagrams, Activity diagrams and Class diagrams will be created to implement the login behind user interfaces.

two. UML Sequence Diagrams

three. Physical Database Model

four. UML State Diagrams

UI object is the initial object that will be created when a user logs into the system and exists till the user issue from the system. When a valid user logs in UI object will transist organize Login to Active province displying the Main Window of the system. Bing in that province the UI object can alter to one of Customer, Supplier, Estimate, Tour, Report states harmonizing to the option that the user would choose and Customer, Supplier, Tour, Report user interfaces will be displayed severally. Any user who logs in have entree to travel to these provinces so no guard conditons are references in the passage. While being in any of these sub provinces the object can travel back to the Active province by snaping on the Back button on the interface. The object can alter to the Cancel province merely being at the Active province which causes issue from the whole system.

The above figure shows the life rhythm of a Supplier object. Sarting from the Start province it will be transformed to the Active province when a client object is ab initio created. This occurs when the company needs to add a new provider to the company. Storing general information and services information of a provider should be carried out as the following measure. Once the general information is filled the object alterations to the General Info Completed province where altering to the Live makes certain that information is stored in the database. The object ‘s province alteration to Services Info Completed when all the needed Fieldss needed related to servisces have been filled. If the company needs to redact information of a provider which is stored in the databse the object transists form Live to Edit province and one time alterations have been done it is necessary to compose the alterations back to disc so the object goes from Edit province to Live province. If the company decides to call off a provider the object alterations from Live to Cancel province. Object transists to the Stop province from the Live province when all the information is filled and stored.

The above figure shows the life rhythm of the Customer object. Sarting from the Start province it will be transformed to the Active province when a client object is ab initio created. This occurs when the company needs to add a new client. Storing inside informations of a client should be carried out as the following measure which will do a alteration of the province of the client object signifier Active to Customer Information Completed province. Obeject goes to the Live province when the filled tinformation is stored. If the company needs to redact information of a client which is stored in the databse the object transists form Live to Edit province and one time alterations have been done it is necessary to compose the alterations back to disc so the object goes from Edit province to Live province. If the company decides to call off a client the object alterations from Live to Cancel province.

IV. Chapter 4

Systems Execution

I. Three Tier Architecture Implementation

The three grade architecture has been implemented in the TMS.

Execution is the executing of the design. The intent of this stage is to interpret the package design in to beginning codification and to implement the database utilizing DBMS package. The programming linguistic communication C # and the development platform was.NET and MS SQL Server 2008 is chosen as the DBMS package. For database execution the latest engineering LINQ is used. The database development will be done before get downing the development of the system as the system needs to recover informations for proof intents. As development advancements, some new demands and sweetenings will be added. To verify proofs and truth of maps & A ; public presentation different arbitrary inputs will be fed into the system. The issue standard of this face meets when the all faculties are implemented and unit tested.

Microsoft Visual Studio 2008

Microsoft Visual Studio is the chief Integrated Development Environment ( IDE ) from Microsoft. It can be used to develop console and Graphical User Interface applications along with Windows Forms applications, web sites, web application, and web services in both native codifications together with managed codification for all platforms supported by Microsoft Windows, Windows Mobile, .NET Framework, .NET Compact Framework and Microsoft Silverlight.

.NET frame work

The Microsoft.NET Framework is a package platform that is available with several Microsoft Windows ( windows waiter 2008, Windows vista. ) runing systems which includes a big library of pre-coded solutions to common scheduling jobs and a practical machine that manages the executing of plans written specifically for the model.

Microsoft SQL Server 2008

Microsoft SQL Server is a relational database direction system ( RDBMS ) produced by Microsoft. This provides a information platform with many advantages and concern benefits: better security, public presentation and scalability, developer productiveness, and Business Intelligence tools all at a lower entire cost of ownership.New Features of SQL Server 2008 consist of highest degrees of security, dependability and scalability ( trusted ) , decreased clip and cost of direction and development of applications ( productive ) and it provides a comprehensive platform presenting intelligence where your users want it ( intelligent ) .

Adobe Photoshop CS2

Adobe Photoshop is a in writing planing plan owned by Adobe Systems. Which happens to be the current and primary market leader for commercial electronic image and image use, and is the reknowned merchandise of Adobe Systems. This package was used in planing artworks for user interfaces.

LINQ engineering

LINQ is the abbraviation for Language Integrated question. It is a built-in portion of ocular studio 2008 and Microsoft.NET Framework 3.5. LINQ is Microsoft ‘s latest application data-access engineering. It is object to database mapping engineering thorough which you can question any type of aggregations of object, XML of database. The Advantage of LINQ is it works with any informations beginning with a great power of questioning on informations beginnings anyplace. LINQ offers a compact, important, and comprehendible sentence structure to pull strings informations.

two. Code Extracts from Critical Areas

Beginning codification for salvaging a client is as follows.

private nothingness Save_btn_Click ( object transmitter, EventArgs vitamin E )


//to gimmick proof fails

if ( ! ValidateChildren ( ) )


return ;


// reading values from Form

Stringing fulName = Salute_cmb.SelectedItem + ” “

+name_txt.Text.Trim ( ) ;

Stringing id_n = nic_txt.Text.Trim ( ) ;

Stringing eml = email_txt.Text.Trim ( ) ;

Stringing mobl = Mobile_txt.Text.Trim ( ) ;

Stringing paddress = paddress_txt.Text.Trim ( ) ;

Stringing Country = Country_cmb.SelectedItem.ToString ( ) ;

DateTime bDate = bdate_dtPicker.Value ;

DateTime jDate = jdate_dtPicker.Value ;

Stringing offName = Off_name_txt.Text.Trim ( ) ;

Stringing offAddr = off_address_date.Text.Trim ( ) ;

Stringing offEmail = off_email_txt.Text.Trim ( ) ;

Stringing offPhone = off_phone_txt.Text.Trim ( ) ;

Stringing extentn = Off_extention_txt.Text.Trim ( ) ;

Stringing description = descrip_txt.Text.Trim ( ) ;

int agentId = this.getAgenid ( agent_cmb.SelectedItem. ToString ( ) ) ;

Stringing position = status_cmb.SelectedItem.ToString ( ) ;

int cust_id = 0 ;

//Creating database connexion

TMSDataContext dubnium = new TMSDataContext ( ) ;

//check how many records are in the Customer tabular array

int count = db.Customers.Count ( ) ;

//decide client ID

if ( count & gt ; 0 )


cust_id = db.Customers.Max ( hundred = & gt ; c.customer_id ) + 1 ;




cust_id = 1 ;


//create a client object

Customer newCustomer = new Customer


customer_id = cust_id,

full_name = fulName,

id_no = id_n,

electronic mail = eml,

nomadic = mobl,

postal_address = paddress,

state = Country,

date_of_birth = bDate,

join_date = jDate,

office_name = offName,

office_address = offAddr,

office_email = offEmail,

office_phone = offPhone,

extention = extentn,

c_description = description,

c_status = position,

} ;

if ( ! agent_cmb.SelectedItem.Equals ( “ Direct Customer ” ) )


newCustomer.isDirecut_cust = 0 ;

newCustomer.agent_id = agentId ;




newCustomer.isDirecut_cust = 1 ;


//insert client into database

db.Customers.InsertOnSubmit ( newCustomer ) ;

db.SubmitChanges ( ) ;

MessageBox.Show ( “ New Customer Added Successfully “ , “

New Customer “ , MessageBoxButtons.OK,


) ;

resetForm ( ) ;

fillCustomerList ( ) ;

fillAgentList ( ) ;

Customer_cmb.SelectedItem = newCustomer.full_name ;

//close the database connexion

db.Connection.Close ( ) ;

threading monosodium glutamate = @ ” Dear “ +name_txt.Text+Environment.NewLine ;

msg+= @ ” You have been successfully added to the Tour Management System Database. Please utilize your

user Idaho “ + cid_txt.Text + “ and service manner “ + agent_cmb.Text + “ for farther mentions sing your Tour Plans. “ ;

monosodium glutamate += “ Thank You ” ;

//send the electronic mail

emsrvs.SendMail ( email_txt.Text, “ Welcome to the Tour Management System ” , monosodium glutamate ) ;

monosodium glutamate = “ Welcome to Tour Management System. Your TMS client ID is “ + cid_txt.Text ;

srv = new SMS ( int.Parse ( Tour_Management_System.Properties.Settings.Default.COMPort ) , 9600, 900 ) ;

if ( srv.sendSingleSMS ( Mobile_txt.Text, monosodium glutamate ) )


MessageBox.Show ( “ SMS has being Sent ” ) ;




MessageBox.Show ( “ Sending Failed ” ) ;



Database beginning codifications are shown below.

CREATE TABLE Role — — — — — — — — — — – Function Table contains the Customer Role informations


role_id int PRIMARY KEY, — — – ( function Idaho ) function Idaho for the identifiacation

role_name VARCHAR ( 20 ) NOT NULL, — — — — – name of the function

[ user ] INT NOT NULL, — — — — — — entree precedence for users

client INT NOT NULL, — — — — — — entree precedence for Customer

provider INT NOT NULL, — — — — — — entree precedence for Suppliers

tickkets INT NOT NULL, — — — — — — entree precedence for Tickets

studies INT NOT NULL, — — — — — — entree precedence for Reports

estimations INT NOT NULL, — — — — — – entree precedence for Estimates

payments INT NOT NULL, — — — — — — entree precedence for Payments

scenes INT NOT NULL — — — — — — entree precedence for Settings


CREATE TABLE System_users



full_name VARCHAR ( 50 ) NOT NULL,

nic_no VARCHAR ( 10 ) ,

electronic mail VARCHAR ( 50 ) ,

telephone VARCHAR ( 20 ) ,

extention VARCHAR ( 10 ) ,

date_of_birth DATETIME,

start_date DATETIME,

mobile_no VARCHAR ( 15 ) ,

postal_address VARCHAR ( 50 ) ,

description VARCHAR ( 500 ) ,

username VARCHAR ( 20 ) ,

watchword VARCHAR ( 20 ) ,

role_id int,


ALTER TABLE System_users ADD CONSTRAINT sys_usr_C1 FOREIGN KEY ( role_id ) REFERENCES Role ( role_id )

V. Chapter 5

Systems Testing

I. Integration Testing

Integration of different faculties was undertaken one time they had been coded and unit tested. During the integrating and system proving stage, the faculties were integrated in a planned mode. As the different faculties doing up a package merchandise are about ne’er integrated in one shooting. Integration was usually carried out incrementally over a figure of stairss. During each integrating measure, the partly incorporate system was tested and a set of antecedently planned faculties were included. The end of system proving is to guarantee that the developed system conforms to its demands laid out in the SRS. Error sensing was taken topographic point during the proving stage. Designation of defects of the package merchandise and ensuring of the accurate operation of the package were the chief marks which were cnsidered. Each cryptography was checked by systematic process during the proving stage and detected mistakes were corrected. The testing was approached by both black box testing and white box proving methods. Furthermore, sample information was used as inputs to the system and the generated end products were evaluated to observe mistakes in any of the programmed procedures.

Trial Plans

Trial Cases for User Login

Trial No



Test Data

Expected End product



Check user name field

Username field

is empty

Display “Please come in a username” message and redirect to the “Login Form” to re-enter



Check watchword field

Password field

is empty

Display “Please come in a watchword ” message and redirect to the “Login Form” to re-enter



Validate user name

Invalid user name

Display “Incorrect Username” message and redirect to the “Login Form” to re-enter



Validate watchword

Invalid watchword

Display “Incorrect Password” and airt to the “Login Form” to re-enter

Trial Cases for Adding New Customer




Test Data

Expected End product


Adding Customer

Check required Fieldss in the “Customer Form”

One or many Fieldss are empty.

Error message displayed and redirected to the filled “Customer Form” foregrounding the losing Fieldss.




Check email text boxes

Field is empty or invalid electronic mail format

Error message displayed and redirected to the filled “Customer Form” foregrounding email text box.


Adding Customer

Check NIC text boxes

Field is empty or invalid NIC format or duplicated NIC

Error message displayed and redirected to the filled “Customer Form” foregrounding NIC text box.

Trial Cases for Change Password




Test Data

Expected End product


Change Password

Check every field in the “Change Password Form”

One or many Fieldss are empty.

Error message displayed and airt to the filled “Registration Form” foregrounding the losing Fieldss.


Change Password

Check username text box

Invalid username

Error message displayed and redirected to the filled “Change Password Form” foregrounding the username field.


Change Password

Check old watchword text box

Invalid watchword

Error message displayed and redirected to the filled “Change Password Form” foregrounding the watchword field.


Change Password

Check confirm watchword text box

Incompatible watchword with the new watchword

Error message displayed and redirected to the filled “Change Password Form” foregrounding the confirm watchword

VI. Chapter 6


i. Overview of Deployment

VII. Chapter 7

Critical Appraisal

I. Summary of SWOT Analysis.

In this subdivision the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats related to the TMS package will be dicussed in brief.


* Enhanced & A ; easy to utilize functionality to run into all the client ‘s demands.

* Easy to utilize, useable and user friendly interface designs nd maps, with a human oculus friendly colour strategy.

* Rapid enlargement of the mark market of Tourism industry in Sri Lanka due to the terminal of war.

* Innovative automated system in replacing of traditional manual procedure managing Sri Lankan Tourism Companies. A new construct to the Sri Lankan society and civilization.

* Simplification of undertakings and processs by minimising paper work, clip ingestion and employees work burden.

* Increase of the productiveness, gross generated toward the company utilizing the TMS.

* High quality cost efficient package developed utilizing minimum fiscal resources.

* Automatic coevals of SMS and E-mail installation provides rapid and successful client relationship direction.


* Existence of similar package in other parts of the universe, with similar functionalities.

* Lack of competitory strength compared to the other tour direction package in the universe.

* Excess clip ingestion for the design phase of the TMS.


* The rapid engineering development in Sri Lanka and the demand for technological invention in conformity by most of the manually handled companies in the quotable phase of concern in Sri Lanka.

* Need for timely ascent of Information Technology use in relevence.

* Expansion of the Tourism industry in Sri Lanka.

* The engineering based alteration of the life styles of world.

* Rivals in the demand of package with similar functionalities harmonizing to the latest tendencies in the society and consequence of globalisation.


* Inability to function the lifting demand.

* Ineluctable enviromnetal fortunes such as tsunami, land slides and inundations which greatly decrease the figure of both local and international tourers.

* Negative effects to the economical anchor of Sri Lanka, which will do fiscal issues to the tourers every bit good as the clients of the package for its direction.

* Unavailability of the needed engineerings to do farther sweetenings and developments in the TMS.

* Cultural and societal impacts sing the moralss of touristry industry in Sri Lanka.

* Liability of eliciting of terrorist act and affects stableness of the political background in the state.

two. Professional and Academic Development

The aim of deriving expericence in package undertaking development and the betterment of cognition in analyzing jobs for information engineering based solutions, programming methods in assorted countries, enhanced interface designing and proficient authorship were some of the successful accompolishments achieved by the development of the Tour Management System package.

VIII. Chapter 8


In decision it is acknowledged that the undertaking has been a success that it has fulfilled all its purposes and provides a successfully functioning system. The TMS which is a wholly machine-controlled system with an attractive “look and feel” and appropriately elaborate demand analysis and design certification aids in pull offing the full work burden which the users had to execute manually.

TMS aids in pull offing circuit, client, and provider and fining inside informations by leting authorised users to add, edit and position inside informations, generate estimations, bills and reserve notes and bring forthing several sorts of studies. Automation of the manual system has minimized the figure of boring activities carried out manually.

TMS allows coincident entree ( coincident and instant entree to any information about Tourss, clients, providers, estimations and bills ) . Its flexibleness eliminates the paperwork of the work flow and psychiatrists storage demands, therefore cut downing runing costs.

The TMS supplying a to the full automated, easy to utilize, paperless office system that vividly reduces the clip and infinite required to hive away and recover paperss. Once the paperss are electronically stored, they can be retrieved and viewed in seconds.

User interfaces were designed and developed with great attention to continue high serviceability and user friendliness. Consistent subject and the arrangement of each component of the interfaces with the esthetic colour strategy to hold less impact on the human oculus and will do fast motions in the system which will take to quick responds to client petitions and multiple clients managing. Shortcut keys are available for most frequent bids and the key is consistent in all the interfaces. After some period of clip when the user gets used to the package the sequence of shortcut keys for a bid will acquire automatically keyed in without even a important notice. User interfaces will besides supply information such as maximal price reduction sums, net income borders which will greatly assist to do short term determinations while managing the clients of the company. The possibilities of doing actions which will do incompatibility in the database by hive awaying inaccurate informations have besides been avoided with the arrangement of points on the interface and blocking ( doing unseeable ) certain maps. This manner of interface creative activity has assured that no incorrect informations which will go against unity restraints are sent to the database. Man power will be greatly reduced with the replacing of TMS at Sky Holidays as TMS enables one user to manage multiple actions at the same time. For case clients may bespeak for tour information over the phone and informing back with the relevant inside informations on the fly was n’t able with the manual system, but this machine-controlled solution Lashkar-e-Taiba users to happen information in a really short period of clip so that he/she can react while pass oning.

Accurate, long term or short term determination handling can be achieved by all users of the company harmonizing to possible and good travel programs and the demands of the clients. Ease of determination handling will be made by the fast coevals of the needed end products such as charge, price reductions and retrieval of client and provider information. The automatic coevals of SMS/E-mail presentments up on enrollment of a client and notifying of the available balances and payment inside informations keeps the client relationship good managed and reduces the attempt strained on manual presentments to the customerbase. The mark of coevals of different types of studies for sellers and for individual clients and for a group of clients could be obtained as required, irrespective of the travel programs and client types. Furthermore, studies that give utile information for directors affecting determination devising can be generated. Another advantage is that the statistics obtained from these assorted studies can be used for many varied intents. Statisticss such as most celebrated Tourss, Tourss by profitableness, providers by profitableness etc can be used in doing both short term and long term determinations and in add-on the users do non necessitate to travel to directors to corroborate low degree determinations as the package itself make the user to believe in a smart manner by supplying all the of import information. Not merely will this system greatly better our work flow and cut down manpower demands, but it will besides guarantee that information will easy be found.

Accuracy of information is a cardinal point in a circuit runing company. Information like evaluations of provider points, air hose fining day of the month and clip, exchange rates of currencies need to be tracked frequently and stored to guarantee incorrect information have non been conveyed to any client because once it is said and estimations are made there will be no manner to turn over back any action in the procedure.

How TMS can be improved in the hereafter

TMS is presently a base entirely system which has been implemented harmonizing to the demands of Sky Holidays company. This system can be farther expanded by constructing a web site which will allow anyone around the universe to derive entree to ache and flexible functionalities provided by the company and bespeak a circuit online which will be great net income for the company.

IX. Chapter 9


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Ten. Chapter 10


I. Literature Review.

PEAK Practices

Vendor Management

PEAK 15 helps you pull off your seller relationships so you can rapidly happen the right seller for your demands, gaining control critical concern footings like payment footings and monetary values and entree a complete history of past minutess and interactions with the company and your contacts at the company.


Manage relationships with other Tour Operators, Affinity Groups, Outfitters, Hotels and Travel Agencies, Link multiple contacts to a company, Manage contracts and their termination, Track payment footings and cancellation policies, Quickly see drumhead of all reserve activity with seller, Maintain industry, internal and client evaluations of seller

( Vendor Management: THE PEAK 15 SOLUTION: PEAK15 )

Customer Management

Keeping and updating contact information for all your clients and chances is merely the beginning. Top out 15 paths how the contact found you, when they foremost and last contact you, a complete history of enquiries, mailings and engagements, every bit good as a elaborate contact profile.


Track critical client relationships including Prospects, Clients and Travel Agents Manage contact profile including beginning, last contact day of the month, gross revenues to day of the month, booking history and call notes, Screen and import contact information and catalog or booklet petitions from your web site, Quickly enter phone petitions for catalogue or booklets and waiting line for fulfilment, Organize contacts by family to avoid duplicate mailings and simplify family engagements, Link contacts to companies such as Travel Agency or Affinity Group, Eliminate or unify extra records utilizing built in public-service corporation, Manage selling permissions.

( Customer Management: THE PEAK 15 SOLUTION: PEAK15 )

Reporting & A ; Analysis

Reports answer critical direction, selling, accounting or operations inquiries such as: How are our trips selling? What selling runs are working best? To which subset of clients should I direct a direct mail piece? Which bills are past due?
What sellers have contacts run outing?

( Report & A ; Analysis: THE PEAK 15 SOLUTION: PEAK15 )

Tourplan – Database

All different companies with different demands, all use Tourplan to pull off their concern. How can one system manage such diverse operations? Flexibility – the key to Tourplan ‘s flexibleness is in the database. Flexibility to manage about any travel merchandise is what makes Tourplan a universe leader.

Database Highlights

Unlimited figure of database services, Database caters for all service types including: hotels, transportations, sights, repasts, conveyance, flights & A ; tour bundles, Full multi-currency leting services to be bought & amp ; sold in any currency Internet and gross rates per service, Ability to hive away FIT & A ; group rates per service, Agent and/or market specific pricing, Automated stay pay pricing e.g. remain 7 darks pay 5 darks, Differential bargain & A ; sell “ Free of charge ” policies per service, Tour leader, usher and driver bear downing policies per service, Product rate & A ; room constellation policies, Multiple & A ; sub-allocations per provider with flexible release periods, Agent specific allotments.

( Database: Tourplan: TOURPLAN )

Tourplan – Reservations

The faster your staff can react to a petition for a citation the more likely you are to have a confirmed engagement. Tourplan provides circuit operators with the most comprehensive set of tools available for rapid FIT & A ; group citing and booking.

( Reservation: Tourplan: TOURPLAN )

Tourplan – Operationss

Avoid operational jobs and inadvertences by utilizing Tourplan ‘s scope of operational control studies. All studies are designed to foreground exclusions. A broad scope of operational studies on screen & A ; printed to assist your staff. Exception studies designed to minimise printing and high spot possible operational jobs.

( Operationss: Tourplan: TOURPLAN )

two. Important Screen Shots of the package.

Log in screen

Main Interface


New Customer Interface

Supplier Interface

Tours Interface



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