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The push and pull motivational theory is referred by Dann 1977. the research of the theory explained why people travel and the touristry motives of going. Dann 1997 mentioned that the grounds of forcing people go to travel are being anomies and self-importance sweetening. The push factor is related to the personal social- psychological motivations. such as they want to get away from the modus operandi of day-to-day life to seek for some relaxation. the ennui might take them to hold the motive of going.

These are the factors that forcing people go travel and take a holiday. but the force of the motive are tended to intangible. It besides unrelated to the finish. it chiefly related to satisfaction of their societal demands. For illustration. a group of friends are be aftering to hold a trip after test. they might don’t attention about where are they traveling to. they merely want to travel with person they care about and bask the great clip with them. Dann besides considered about how people doing their determination of where are they traveling to. which might associate to finish attractive forces. promotional activities. such as pride parade. beer festival or Toronto International Film Festival. There factor could do people make up one’s mind where to travel on their holiday.

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Crompton besides back uping Dann’s pull and push motivational theory. he besides mentioned 2 motivations which are cultural motivations and societal psychological motivations. He identified freshness and instruction that put them into a cultural motivations. There are seven motivations that identified by Crompton that provided the same message but more inside informations than Dann’s push elements of anomy and ego- sweetening ( Beeton 2006 ) . which are flight. relaxation. societal interaction. affinity. self geographic expedition. prestigiousness and arrested development. In Crompton’s pull factor. which is similar to Dann’s pull factor. Peoples normally want to make a new things that they have ne’er done earlier.

The different between pull factor and push fact are really evident. Push factors are largely tended to internal. people decide to take a holiday normally based on their social-psychological. For illustration. they need to take a remainder from their day-to-day life or one-year assemblage. honeymoon or happen a new escapades. Furthermore. people might see the topographic point that they have ne’er been as their following finish. Dann identified pull factors are tended to external. For illustration. it consisted to the finish attractive forces. like
Eiffel Tower. Statue of Liberty and Edinburgh.

Push and Pull factors is assisting the territory authorities to develop their touristry industry. To understand the touristry motivation and what is the propose of the touristry sing that topographic point is good to the touristry supplier to chew over the service for visitants. Such as. touristry supplier can keep a particular event like beer festival. parade or ask for some dad star for charity. It can pull visitants who want to spy seeing and seeking some appealing attractive forces. Meanwhile. if the touristry supplier gives a touristry a good look. they will come back to see once more. It can increase the authorities gross and advance economic development.

The pull and push motivational theory provided the grounds of why people travel. Since touristry is progressively become one of the gross from authorities. Tourism supplier should clearly understand what the visitants need and what they expect to see in our metropolis. Besides. the authorities should concentrate on civilisation and construct up a image of the metropolis like Paris. Italy and Roma. which can convey more new visitants to go your metropolis.


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