Traditional Food in Negeri Sembilan Essay

July 31, 2017 General Studies

Negeri Sembilan has many traditional nutrients. One of the celebrated traditional nutrients in Negeri Sembilan is Rendang. Rendang is the nutrient that can eat together with another nutrient such as rice. staff of life. lemang and besides ketupat. You can besides merely eat Rendang without combined with other nutrients. Rendang have flavored itself that can do every individual like to it. The chief stuff in doing Rendang is meat. We can utilize any meat such as cow. American bison. poulet and anything that can be eaten. Another stuff we put inside Rendang are the Chinese parsley. fennel seed. dried chilies. black paper. ruddy onion. ginger. coconut milk. grid and besides Tamarindus indica. There are two types of Rendang which were wet type and dried type. It was called wet type because it was cook in short clip and the coconut milk was non evaporated wholly.

The colour of this moisture Rendang is more light aureate brown and paler. It can non be maintain for long about less than a hebdomad. In dried type. Rendang was diligently stirred and cooked for hours until the coconut milk wholly evaporated and the meats absorb the spices wholly. The colour of dried Rendang is dark brown and about black. For the dried Rendang. it can be stored more than a month and still good to devour. Every individual has a different gustatory sensation. which is why Rendang have two types that can be chosen. Serunding besides made from Rendang but it was a different type. Rendang was cooked until wholly dry and blended. It will last a long clip to hive away than Rendang. Serunding is the traditional nutrient from Kelantan.

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