Traffic Rules Implementation Essay

October 20, 2017 March 26th, 2018 Engineering

Traffic consists of walkers. street autos. ridden animate beings. bikes and other motor vehicles. The sweetening of engineering and the start of urbanisation have transformed the standard life of persons in traveling and traveling goods and trade goods from one topographic point to another. These alterations brought trouble and job of going due to the ineluctable traffic congestions particularly at first-come-first-serve hours. However. traffic jobs are portion of day-to-day life of automobilists these yearss. Typical events which disrupt the flow of traffic into a disorganised muss such as route building. hits and dust in the roadway are the cause of route user’s defeats. Traffic jurisprudence enforcement remains one of Philippines biggest job in this twenty-four hours and age. Traffic regulations and ordinances are really of import to enable the safety and convenience of single and to forestall amendss and casualties among persons. Road users normally experient hapless execution of traffic regulations and ordinances by traffic hatchet mans who maybe deficiency of cognition about traffic direction.

The difficult work of metropolis functionaries and public bureaus concerned with traffic direction provides the disconnected reply to automobilists who suffer from different sorts of traffic related incommodiousnesss. Corrupt and ignorant traffic hatchet mans are non the lone root cause of traffic congestions but besides those disobedient drivers. walkers and other who use public roads. Vehicles frequently come into struggle with other vehicles and walkers because their intended classs of travel intersect. and therefore interfere with each other’s paths. Signs. signals. markers and other characteristics are frequently used to do precedence precise. Some marks. such as the halt mark. are about cosmopolitan. When there are no marks or markers. different regulations are observed depending on the location. These default precedence regulations differ between states. and may even change within states. Trends toward uniformity are exemplified at an international degree by the Vienna Convention on Road Signs and Signals. which prescribes standardised traffic control devices for set uping the right of manner where necessary.

Crossings or prosaic crossings are common in populated countries. and may bespeak that walkers have precedence over vehicular traffic. In most modern metropoliss. the traffic signal is used to set up the right of manner on the busy roads. Its primary intent is to give each route a continuance of clip in which its traffic may utilize the intersection in an organized manner. The intervals of clip assigned for each route may be adjusted to take into history factors such as difference in volume of traffic. the demands of walkers. or other traffic signals. Uncontrolled traffic comes in the absence of lane markers and traffic control signals. On roads without pronounced lanes. drivers tend to maintain to the appropriate side if the route is broad plenty.

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Drivers often overtake others. Obstructions are common. Intersections have no signals or signage. and a peculiar route at a busy intersection may be dominant – that is. its traffic flows – until a interruption in traffic. at which clip the laterality displacements to the other route where vehicles are queued. At the intersection of two perpendicular roads. a traffic jam may ensue if four vehicles face each other side-on. Safety and efficiency to travel is the lone mentality of a driver when he/she travels but this remains unaccessible in many portion of our state particularly in Metro Manila. This remains a challenge to those who are involved in traffic control and direction.


The traffic job had severely affected the motion of vehicles. commuters every bit good as the transit of goods and services. Passengers are witnessing the uninterrupted impairment of the public conveyance system.

The chief aim of this survey is to look into the traffic regulations and ordinance implemented in Caloocan City particularly along tenth ave. A. Mabini to Rizal ave.

Via LRT.

On this job. the undermentioned inquiries will be taken into consideration. 1. What is the present direction bureau that handles traffic jobs in Caloocan City? 2. What are the major causes of traffic congestion along 10th ave. A. Mabini to Rizal ave. Via LRT? 3. What are the estimated per centums of vehicles or commuters during peak hours or deficiency hours? 4. What are the benefits of the execution of traffic regulations along 10th ave. A. Mabini to Rizal ave.

Via LRT?


For more comprehensive analysis. the root cause of traffic congestion was the illegal terminus of public public-service corporation vehicles. illegal choice up of riders. counter flow of vehicles. illegal parking. illegal pavement sellers. jaywalk and colorum vehicles. The research worker assumed the followers:

1. It is because of deficiency of subject between the automobilists and among the pavement sellers every bit good as the populace that they cause traffic congestion.
2. Lack of cognition about the traffic Torahs and ordinance.
3. The sellers that occupied the pavement infinite barricading the manner of the populace and besides those drivers that burden and unload at the topographic points they wanted.
4. The possible solutions of declining traffic status are a resettlement of public market and educating traffic hatchet mans every bit good as the populace about the Torahs and ordinances that had been implemented.

5. Making foot Bridgess or flyover so that the populace will non upset the flow of vehicles.

Significance OF THE STUDY:

The importance of this survey is to happen out the root job sing the aggravating traffic status. cognize the bing or implemented traffic Torahs every bit good as the traffic misdemeanors done by the automobilists and besides to cognize the immediate possible solutions of the declining traffic fortunes.

This survey is focused to the analysis of traffic regulations implemented by traffic hatchet mans along 10th ave. A. Mabini to Rizal ave. Via LRT. More specifically. the undermentioned facets of traffic direction are analyzed such as:

1. The capableness of the present bureau and implementing unit that handles traffic jobs in Caloocan City.
2. The causes and effects of traffic congestion in Caloocan City along 10th ave. A. Mabini to Rizal ave. Via LRT.
3. The different traffic regulations and ordinances implemented in Caloocan City 10th ave. A. Mabini to Rizal ave. Via LRT.
4. The common misdemeanors committed by route users in Caloocan metropolis.
5. The function of traffic hatchet mans in implementing traffic regulations and ordinances.


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