Trans-Disciplinary Integrated Knowledge Essay

August 25, 2017 Marketing

Trans-disciplinary integrated cognition ( TIK ) is one dimension in which the universities of the universe should look to for effectual hereafter get bying for authorization of endowment. TIK is a really critical country in the present scenario because of altering tendencies in the flow of information and the related engineerings in industry and services. Today more advanced instruction and acquisition procedures are needed.

There is a demand to happen a common land on which all of import subjects such as technology. societal scientific disciplines. humanistic disciplines. and so forth can see an association between each other to turn to the complexnesss of globalisation. With this position in head. it may be inquired how finding this common land for trans-disciplinary coaction can be possible. For this really ground. Ramalhoto ( 2006 ) . tells us that at present it is positive to happen main executive officers of some transnational companies who now demand foresight and non hindsight.

Today. they are non looking for marketing contrivers but for market strategians. To most CEO’s of modern companies globalisation demands for variegation of civilization and sees endeavors as a beginning for value creative activity. Thus it is of import to look at things more holistically now than of all time before to vie in the clime globalisation particularly sing the technological and scientific alterations. which is possible by integrating and interaction “across all relevant cognition areas” .

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This is where the of import of TIK falls in. The writer farther informs that it is a misconception to province that corporate demands and such media as the Internet and ICTs have decreased the demand for developing universities ; so. authorization of endowment in globalisation “calls for specific invention inside the [ university establishments ] to turn to its new basic map: to learn pupils to be critical about all sorts of information” .


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