Transcendentalism In Thoreau Essay Research Paper Transcendentalism

July 14, 2018 Philosophy

Transcendentalism In Thoreau Essay, Research Paper

Transcendentalism in Thoreau

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Transcendentalism is any system of doctrine stressing the intuitive and religious above the empirical and stuff. Transcendentalism is present throughout Henry David Thoreau s journal Walden. Thoreau expresses three chief points of transcendental philosophy: simpleness, acquiring back to nature, and taking merely what on demands.

Simplicity, simpleness, simpleness! I say, allow your personal businesss be as two or three, and non a hundred or a 1000. Here Thoreau explains his thought of simpleness in a mode of maintaining one s personal businesss every bit little as they can non to hold more than they can manage. Thoreau expresses transcendental philosophy through simpleness by demoing that a adult male with a simple life can be in a manner higher than a adult male of society with excessively many things to cover with. Alternatively of a million count half a twelve, and maintain your histories on your thumbnail. In this quotation mark Thoreau clarifies that a being simple is truly easy, all one has to make is maintain things unsophisticated and to hold no more histories than one has thumbnails.

I went to the forests because I wished to populate intentionally, to look merely the indispensable facts of life, and see if I could non larn what it had to learn, and non, when I came to decease, detect that I had non lived. This quotation mark

expresses Thoreau’s desire to return to nature to detect what it had to learn. He so wants to cognize if society had corrupted him plenty so that he couldn T larn what nature had to learn him. Transcendentalism is present in this idea, in demoing the reader that Thoreau want s to taught by nature and non adult male, which shows a higher ranking of adult male. In desiring to be taught by nature, Thoreau shows he is in touch with nature non like any other adult male.

Taking merely what one needs is an assistance to simpleness because when one merely takes what he needs so there is less, and hence simpler. Thoreau defines his thought of taking merely what he needs by cut downing his day-to-day wonts and his already really few stuff ownerships. Alternatively of three repasts a twenty-four hours, if it be necessary eat but one ; alternatively of a 100 dishes, five ; and cut down other things in proportion. This expresses his nonnatural belief that by utilizing merely what he needs he frees up most of his clip to make more of import things.

Thoreau & # 8217 ; s theories in Walden ( simpleness, populating in nature, and taking merely what is needed ) express a transcendentalist point of position from the writer. The three theories are linked to transcendental philosophy in a manner of being higher than that of a adult male of society. Without Thoreau s theories to dispute the social head, where would literature be today?


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