Transcendentalism; Positive or Negative Essay

June 2, 2018 Philosophy

Transcendentalism is a societal and philosophical motion that taught five dogmas of how to populate life. Those dogmas being ; Everything reflects the godly psyche. God is in nature and adult male. utilize your intuition to associate to God and nature. be autonomous and show your individuality. and be self-generated and prehend the twenty-four hours. Thoreau and Emerson reflect all of these dogmas in their verse forms. and they’re shown in the character Mr. Keating in the film Dead Poets Society. He teaches the childs at this school all about transcendental philosophy in English category. and throughout the film you see the positive and negative effects of his instructions. Transcendentalism shows the importance of spirit over affair and to travel with what you want to make. even if it goes against what society does or believes. Making what transcendentalist believe can be a strength. but it can be a failing every bit good.

“Things do non alter ; we change” ( Thoreau ) . One of the biggest strengths of transcendental philosophy is alteration. because alteration is good. If it weren’t for cats like Emerson and Thoreau. society could run our lives more than it already does. Emerson says that kids are more transcendentalist so grownups because they still see the beauty in the universe. By the clip you become an grownup. you see the universe less beautiful because you’ve likely been hurt in some manner. In today’s society everyone wants to suit in but if you conform. what are you making to society? You’re merely adding to it and doing it worse. In the Dead Poet Society. Mr. Keating encourages the male childs to prehend the twenty-four hours. But on the contrary. all the other instructors in the school think why fix something that isn’t broken. They feel that the manner they’ve been making this has worked for old ages so don’t alteration it now. Although transcendental philosophy actions can be good. it can besides be really damaging to the person and society.

When Keating is explicating poesy to the male childs he says “This is a conflict. a war. And the casualties could be your Black Marias and psyche. ” Making the right thing isn’t ever easily or possible. Keating is seeking to demo the male childs that they need to see life in their ain position and do what they want to make alternatively of conforming to what everyone else is making. Charlie. one of Mr. Keating’s pupils. takes he’s advice a small excessively far. He starts seting read lines on his face. imbibing. smoke. and conveying misss to their meetings. He makes the biggest alteration out of all the male childs. and ends up acquiring expelled from school. On the contrary. Neal takes his advice and really goes out. prehend the twenty-four hours. and unrecorded how he truly wants to populate. Sadly. this leads to a negative consequence even though it starts out positive. Neal commits self-destruction since his father’s force per unit area doesn’t allow him to interrupt from the conformance of society. Emerson says “Envy is ignorance. imitation is suicide” and Neal proves this is true. If Neal could interrupt away from the conformance of society he would go a better him. and had been able to populate a life alternatively of take his off.

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One of the most celebrated quotation marks that Emerson says is “to be great is to be misunderstood. ” Although some people may non acquire what your sentiment is that makes you better because you’re non like everyone else. Today has much less transcendental philosophy because now a yearss. largely teens. are afraid to talk out against the parks since we all merely want to acquire by and non pull attending like that to ourselves. We’re all afraid of being judged by other people for what we truly believe. even if what we believe is right. most people will ne’er allow it be known. The male childs in Dead Poets Society in the beginning are likewise in every manner. They all have rich parents that are be aftering their hereafter for them and no affair how much the male childs want to make something else they follow what they’re told. Mr. Keating isn’t seeking to state them to non esteem regulations and authorization. like some people think. but instead is learning them to ‘reject the position quo’ because they’re life is traveling to be what they make out of it.

Individuality. non-conformity. and autonomy are all cardinal points in transcendental philosophy. All three of these points are incorporated into the film. Dead Poets Society. Emerson and Thoreau emphasis these values in all their Hagiographas. and it’s the ground their names are so closely associated with the transcendental philosophy motion. Even though this thought was expressed in the 19th century it can still be conveyed in the modern twenty-four hours. The movie is a good representation of transcendental philosophy dogmas in today universe. Yet the movie overall could be seen as one large negative consequence. it has a long term consequence that has changed that school everlastingly. One of the biggest strengths of it is that it does alter how everyone views life as a whole. but one of the biggest failings is that sometimes it takes a long clip for those strengths to be regarded as positive things. To be transcendentalist. you need to be able to talk for yourself and show your individualism but. the major thing you need to be able to make. is accept the effects and hope that someday your words will do a transmutation on society’s positions.


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