December 25, 2016 Marketing

Trap-Ease is new product designed to remedy household mouse problems. Martha House, president, is the only sales person as well as being in charge of all marketing. The product has won awards including first place in the National Hardware Show. It has also appeared in an article in Canadian Business and on the MarketPlace television show.

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The product itself seemed to be very “simple yet clever device” . However initial sales and revenues were extremely below expectations. This can be attributed to a variety of problems that Trap-Ease has. These will all be explained in the following pages. As well as recommendations will be made in order to rectify the situation.


Trap-Ease has a great number of advantages over its competition. It has a variety of assets which are fundamental to its survival in its market.

The Trap-Ease has won awards including the National Hardware Show in Toronto. It has been featured in Canadian National, appeared on the MarketPlace television show and was also reported on in other trade publications. Trap-Ease has been distinguished in these reports from every other product in its class. Trap-Ease is thought to be an innovative new product.

Trap-Ease is a very simple idea that consumers would respond to. The mouse climbs through the tube which tips over and traps it. It provides a more humane way of trapping mice. The mouse can either be let go somewhere else or left in the trap to suffocate. Other devices are very painful for the mice and sometimes extremely cruel. There is no mess to clean up after when using Trap-Ease, the customer can simply dispose of the trap entirely or re-use it.

Trap-Ease is a very small business just starting out. Many people rather deal with smaller companies, as it can be more personal. The owner can deal with customers more intimately.


There are many various items that plague the Trap-Ease business. A too limited target market, not enough advertisement and overpricing were among the most prominent.


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