Trends paper

Please pick your parts and submit by Wednesday no later than 10 p. M. I won’t be able to submit on Thursday so this MUST be done by Wednesday. There are a total of 17 questions (includes intro and conclusion). Please make sure we do not pick duplicates. I placed my name next to the question I will take care of. Each person pick 4 sections. I need a volunteer to do 5. Interview another agency that uses mediation or other conflict resolution processes either internally for employee disputes or externally for client advocacy.

This may be within a social service agency, court system, or corporation. Use of similar interview questions to the ones you used before is acceptable, but include discussion of the following topics: 1. Mediator neutrality and impartiality (Diana) 2. Confidentiality (Diana) 3. Mediator bias Goose Sanchez) 4. Limitations of the mediator (Hulk) 5. Scope of power 6. Conflict of interest These are some of the questions we used before. I think we can work on conflict resolution processes for employee disputes. The person I want to interview is a

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Director and I think this topic best fits her because of the conflicts she has to deal with. Ask the interviewee: 1 . To describe what is most rewarding about his or her work (Diana, I will also be taking care of the introduction) 2. What he or she would change about his or her Job if it were possible to do so 3. To identify the reason he or she became an advocate 4. How his or her personal values affect upon the performance of the duties required Goose Sanchez) 5. How different this responsibility is from what he or she expected hen starting the position 6.

Describe how this individual became involved in the role. Compare and contrast the roles of mediator and advocate. 1. Describe the power limitations of each role. (hike) 2. Under what circumstances is an advocate used during mediation? Goose Sanchez) 3. Which Role is most critical to problem solving? Why? Record your remarks and conclusions in a 1- to 2-page paper and submit to the facilitator this week, along with the summary paper (per instructor, no need for summary if we thoroughly answer all questions)



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