Trendy And Healthy Place To Eat Marketing Essay

The Indian Taste cafe is the company serves the air power industry with its astonishing nutrient and good gustatory sensation that keeps on pulling the clients with its brightness of readying and its suitableness of each state ‘s demand. The services offerings a great trade excellence as the company serves the air hoses with a new tastet of bill of fare with assortment of Indian manners nutrient.


The Indian Taste cafe is a voguish and healthy topographic point to eat, uniting an interesting ambiance with first-class, healthy nutrient that is besides really good for the people who eat at that place. A recognize topographic point for employees, which is show the service bringing.

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1.2 Core Valuess

We value our Peoples as our most of import plus.

We value HONESTY, INTEGRITY, TRUST and ETHICAL behaviour and pledge to transport these beliefs with our invitees, employees, sellers and neighbours.

We value and demand the highest OPERATING Standard and we will non compromise our nucleus values or operating criterions.

We value INNOVATION and IMPROVEMENT in our working environment, runing systems, and general concern patterns and their function as keys to competitory growing. Therefore, we resolve to endeavor each twenty-four hours to better our concern in some mensurable manner.

1.3 Goals

The Indian Taste cafe aims for the first three old ages of operation include:

Keeping nutrient costs atA less than 35 % of gross.

RemainingA a little, alone eating house with eclectic nutrient and service.

Valid profitable investing returnA for investors for Old ages 2 – 5.

1.4 Type of concern – Products & A ; Servicess

The type of concern that The Indian Taste cafe is implement the merchandise such as offers are touchable merchandise such as nutrient and drinks and the intangible merchandise that being offered are services such as client service. Our cafe is located at KLIA2 Airport, around the going hall. Our slogan is to welcome every person diner into our household of Indian repast lovers and to crush their outlooks by presenting utmost quality of merchandise and degree of service. We are making exclusive owner as my ain concern.

Unique Points



Indian Chefs.



Indian Atmosphere.



English Speaking Staff.



Good Hierarchy / Organization.



Professional, Qualified and Well organized staff.



Good experience of managing client Buffet or Live CookingA ( 30 kiss of peace – 3000 kiss of peace )



All our readyings are done merely in original Indian spices. We have a broad assortment of Vegetarian and Non-vegetarian culinary arts. Everything we serve is prepared fresh and harmonizing to the gustatory sensation of our clients. Delivering the best of Indian nutrient is motto for Indian MASALA KITCHEN.

As our slogan denotes ” Harmony in Religions ” all the nutrient is prepared with consideration and regard to all faiths. We use merely Halal poulet and meat merchandises. Our service staff is more obedient good on client service with the first-class cordial reception accomplishments.

A A Summary of Company Capital & A ; Borrowing

The initial capital for our concern is such as RM400, 000. Furthermore, there is no adoption from the bank.


Type of concern – organisation SP, P, Son. Bhd. Licensing

The Indian Taste cafe is Sole Proprietorship concern. Furthermore, the licences and the enfranchisements that The Indian Taste cafe requires as follows: –

Halal enfranchisement

ISO22000:2 005/ HACCP Food Management System.

ISO9001: 2000/2008 Quality Management System.

Males Bandaraya Seeping

The licences, certifications and demands above will be obtain through Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia ( SSM ) such as for the enrollment of concern and company every bit good the name of concern and the name of the company. Others such as HACCP certifications will be obtain from the Ministry of Health and Males Bandaraya Seeping.

Top Management Team

There is one of the top direction squad that is Cafe Manager as follow ;


Name: Kumaresswari Chandran

I.C Number: 910312-10-5972

Address: No. 50, Jln 5, Taman Gemilang, 43800 Dengkil, Selangor.

Academic Qualification: Diploma in Aviation Management

Skills: Organization direction

Experience: working in a private sector for 4 old ages.

Undertaking Schedule, deadlines ; redevelopments, purchasing, hiring, set up, commencement etc.

The licensing will be take topographic point about 6 months to acquire the licence for our concern to get down. The beginning of redevelopment will take topographic point on the early January and will be completed in early March. Apart from that, the purchasing of stuffs such as natural stuff for nutrient ; will be get downing on Mid March and it will be conducted daily by the Operation Management.

Furthermore, the hiring and developing the staff will be to the full runing on early February and it will be conducted by the Human Resource Management to do certain that the employees are able to work and execute good.

Other than that, the IT installing will be installed as shortly the redevelopment is done and the buying of machinery will be conducted on early March.

The Gantt chart for docket undertaking: –

1.9 Major Business Hazards

Major concern hazards are the hazard that a company faces in concern. The concern increases the company chances at success in gaining the highest net income in the market. Some of the major hazards in the catering concern that The Indian Taste cafe might confront are that: –

Quality control

The consistence of the nutrient in footings of gustatory sensation and presentation. The consistence will be monitored by utilizing ISO9001.

Health job

Food poisoning tends to go on if the kitchen is non clean and to decide the affair, the ISO22000 HACCP certification will be act as a cogent evidence that the kitchen and the workstation are clean.

Raw stuff

The purchasing of the natural stuffs will be based on the commands of the most competitory monetary value in the market.


The safety safeguards for the company in instance of fire, burglary and employees sloppiness.

The safety safeguards will be taken are puting closed circuit telecasting in every country of the company edifice, fire drill will be practiced and employees public presentation will be monitored by utilizing KPI system.

1.10 Key Success Factors

The definition of cardinal success factor is the mandatory fact for success in a specified market. The cardinal success factor is an of import portion of the company as it is set as the overall ends for the company. Our cafe ‘s cardinal success factors are as follows: –

Quality of Merchandise: great nutrient, great service and atmosphere.

‘Spice of Life ‘ Menu: The bill of fare will appeal to a broad and varied clientele.A Our varied menuA characteristics regional fortes in Indian stylish.

The freshness and the pleasingness of nutrient makes the client wants more.

The friendly and knowing ( particularly in nutrition ) staff.

1.11 Summary of fiscal returns – ROI. IRR & A ; payback

ROI stands for return on investing and it is a tool that is usage to mensurate the overall utility of the disposal in bring forthing net incomes with its available assets. The standard of an effectual ROI are when the return is higher than the original investing.

The expression used for ROI is:

X 100

The undermentioned computations are the computation of ROI for five old ages. Since the capital is fixed, the net income calculated is increasing and lessening each twelvemonth.

Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Year 4

Year 5

47880 ten 100 / 400,000

91152 ten 100 / 400,000

120672 ten 100 / 400,00

154692 ten 100 / 400,000

187535 ten 100 / 400,000

12 %

23 %

30 %

39 %

47 %


Payback Period

Since I ‘m utilizing my ain money, there are non capital adoption from any bank. So, payback period involved in my concern is 1.5 twelvemonth.


IRR computation is utilizing excel format. Here are our IRR for our concern.

IRR = 134 %



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