Trent Parke

By December 25, 2017 Sports

Trent Parke Artist Trent Parke was born in 1971, he was raised in Newcastle, New South Wales and is the first Australian to become a Full Member of the renowned photographers’ cooperative Magnum Photo Agency. When he was little he use to use the laundry room as a dark room. He had began taking photography’s at the age of 12. Today he now works as a street photography and therefore received many awards such as the World Press Photo Awards- 1999, 2000 , 2001 and 2005.

In 2006 he was awarded the ABN AMRO emerging artist award. He has also received the prestigious W Eugene Smith Award for humanistic photography in 2003, for his epic road trip around Australia, “Minutes to Midnight”. Trent Parke also gave an inspirational speech about the early stages of his life at the Fremantle Arts Centre, he talked about his cadetship at the Newcastle Herald while after also moving to Sydney years later where he had covered Australian cricket for News Limited for more than five years.

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At the same time he was still not that sure on what her wanted to do with the rest of his life, so he bought a Leica and was introduced to Rodinal (a high contrast and personal way of processing and printing his images). His mothers death had also inspired him, and released that life is meant to be enjoyed, therefore don’t waste a moment in life Artwork Trent Parkes photograpy is all about magic and illusion and the love of life and the story that is being told.

His Albums are normally inspired by what is current happening in his life whether its experiencing a road trip or the birth of his new-born son. Whatever his next album is, it is always about an important event that has happened or happening in his life, his albums are his feelings and emotions of an event which he has expressed in photography For his photography he has been awarded five Gold Lenses from the International Olympic Committee (1996, 1997 and 1998) and the Canon Photo Essay Prize in 2000 Sasakawa World Sports Awards.

His photos have always had a fictional element that is a part of something bigger and working with Alisdair Foster from ACP has been an important part of the life as it leads Trent Parke towards his own vision. He has pushed many boundaries therefore he has gone to medium format and colour as his photos were now about time and life and became the next phase in his work. His new photo “Black Rose” has returned to black and white and medium and large format and he is analyzing new directions and questioning the past, present and the future, chance and fate and is a trip back to his childhood.

Therefore return to an understanding of what is important for him in as an Australia using the country as inspiration. Audience Trent’s photographic work has been widely shown, including recent solo exhibitions in New York, London and Germany. “Minutes To Midnight” was shown at The Australian Centre for Photography in January to Febuary in 2005, in conjunction with the Sydney Festival which had became the most highly-attended show in the recorded history of the AC.

Further more when he had given his speech at the Fremantle Arts Centre, the audience was very inspired and surprised as they never thought that he would take part in a job such as sports commentating as he has worked with photographs since the very early stages of his life. Park has also published two books, Dream/Life in 1999, and The Seventh Wave with partner, Narelle Autio in 2000. The reading of these books really inspired the audience. Also not so long ago in 2006, the National Gallery of Australia acquired Parke’s entire Minutes to Midnight exhibition. World

Ever since the birth of his son, he has seen the world differently as he began to change his style of photography by applying different colours and formats to suit his inspiration. This is how his viewpoint of the world changed and has always been changing ever since as every photo album that he creates, conveys a different message for a different purpose. Also, before he published his collection “Minutes Of Midnight”, he went around travelling all around the country in 2003 reaching a total distance of 90,000 km gathering ideas and inspiration for his photographic collection.


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