November 23, 2017 Sociology

Professional Interview For this in-depth interview, I interviewed my boss, Sash. She is an educational specialist and she has been working with students since she was in High School. She started off the interview by telling me a little bit about herself. She mentioned that she came to Sonoma State with a Bachelors degree in Sociology and received her Education Specialist credential, and a few years later, that is when she met her husband, who is a certified behavior analyst.

Sash mentioned to me that her and her husband started up their program in 2013. Our mission is to provide quality, individualized service to students, with the goal of continued independence in the least restrictive educational environment. We provide Functional Behavior Assessments, consultation, and curriculum modification support in a variety of settings including public schools, non-public schools, day programs, homes, and residential settings.

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Ever since then, they have been active in many schools here around the area and love serving neighborhoods and community. Sash mentioned that she most of her days are good! She mentioned that what makes it difficult sometimes is when an employee cannot make it to work and they need to find omen to cover. She said that is stressful because they want to keep the schools they work with happy, she they never want to leave a student without an aide. Sash quotes, “We want to stay professional as possible.

We don’t want to make the schools and or the parents upset. ” She said since because they Just started up, they want to keep a good word with their program so they can keep expanding. I thought that was interesting because they have only been around since 2013, so they are pretty new. She said that other than her stressing out trying to find a substitute, her days are read. She says that she spends most of her time meeting with parents and stopping by and checking in with her employees at the schools they are placed in. I want to make sure they are doing okay and I also like checking in myself to see how the kids are doing. ” I asked her if she keeps a close relationship with her employees and she said “yes, definitely! Not only with my employees but with the school and parents as well. ” She says that for her, it is important to have a great relationship with her employees because they are the face of the program so she wants to make sure everything is professional and they are happy.

She says she also keeps a close relationship with the parents because she said it is important for the parents to know how their child is doing. For me, since I have been working for Sash since March 2014, I have noticed her relationship with her employees and parents. I have always worked with kids so the fact that she keep a close relationship with the parents is key. For a child that has needs, I have always thought that the parents would love to know how their child’s day went at school. Overall, I wish I could’ve had more time


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