Tribulation Period Essay

September 19, 2017 Religion

Trial is a period of clip when God will convey on his judgement to the universe. Harmonizing to the prognostications of the Book of Revelation and the Book of Daniel. it will dwell of 7 old ages. This 7 twelvemonth period is divided into two. The first half is known as the period of Great Sorrow and the following half is known as the Great Tribulation. In the beginning of the first half. the church will be saved from the wrath of God by the event known as the Rapture. In this event. Jesus will fall from Eden and present all Christians to the Lord. For those who will be born and become Christians after the Rapture will populate through the trial period.

The great trial will take topographic point when the Antichrist is announced in the temple. The Earth will so endure three wraths. Wrath of the Lamb. Wrath of the Satan and Wrath of the Father. Wrath of the Lamb refers to the wrath of the Christian’s savior Jesus Christ. Harmonizing to prognostications. stones from the mountains will bechance on adult male as they cry.

Right after the Wrath of the Lamb. the Earth will endure the Wrath of the Satan after he is stripped off with his entree on the throne of God. Satan will be sent to the Earth after being barred in the celestial spheres. Establishing on the reading of Revelation 12:7-12. Satan and his angels will be cast into the universe alluring Christians to sell their psyches. Finally. the universe will savor the Wrath of the Father.

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During the aforesaid period. the Earth will endure utmost confusion for there will reign the church of the Antichrist. There will be a false christ who will lead on people and merely those who have strong religion who will be able to separate the false christ with the existent christ. In add-on. Satan and his angels will be skulking on Earth and mixing with people act uponing them to interchange their psyches with his angels assuring redemption.


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