Triple play marketing

When you think to yourself, what are the three most important luxuries that I can’t live without? The most common answer is Cable Television, Phone and the Internet, the holy trinity of communication, information and entertainment. Bleeblubare now offers all three of these amazing services in our one all-inclusive triple play “Triple Threat” package to provide you with everything you could possibly desire in terms of family fun and communication at a low affordable cost. Cable Television is the first service that is provided within the Bleeblubare triple play “Triple Threat “package.

The “Triple Threat” package will be providing customers with over 1,000 digital channels (subject to change) all with amazing crystal clear HD picture that you have to see to believe. That’s not all! As it will also include a DVR, which will grant you, the viewer, the power to bypass all those lengthy and costly commercials that detract from the amazing reality show entertainment that we all enjoy. Home phone will be the second service of the “Triple Threat” package, we realize that most people use cell phones and a home phone seems a bit pointless but hey!

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Someday you mat forget to charge your cell and when that comes Bleeblubare “Triple Threat” home phone service will have your back, making sure you get all your important calls from telemarketers and bill collectors. The amazingly fast and reliable Bleeblubare FIOS high speed fiber optic, dimensional rift, worm hole enhanced, fast than light internet is the final service provided by the Bleebluebare “Triple threat” package. The fastest internet in this or any universe is now offered in this amazing package deal for the low, low price of 29.99 (subject to massive increase).



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