January 12, 2017 General Studies

Tristan, a knight of King Arthur’s round table, has always held the stature of an honorable, fair, and loyal knight. Tristan, the nephew and champion of King Mark of Cornwall and the son of Meliodas, King of Lyoness, has long held the title of royalty and heir to his father’s thrown. Tristan’s mother died when he was born, and as a young man he took service with his uncle, Mark. Although Tristan, well known throughout the world as a knight of the Round Table, has gained fame for his loyalty to Arthur, he has lived a tragic life. Tristan had an affair with his uncle’s soon to be wife, died a tragic death, and only had a minor role in the tale of King Arthur; yet all that have heard the tale of Arthur have known of the story of Tristan and his tragic tale.


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Known throughout the world, the love story of Tristan and Isolde never gets old. Before leaving Ireland, Isolde’s mother gave a love potion to Isolde’s handmaiden, Brangraine, with strict instructions to keep it safe until they reached Cornwall and then to give it to Isolde on her wedding night. Sometime during the voyage, Isolde and Tristan drank the potion by accident and fell forever in love. Isolde did marry Mark of Cornwall, but could not help but love Tristan. The love affair continued after the marriage with ought Mark knowing for quite some time. When King Mark finally learned of the affair, he forgave Isolde, but banned Tristan from Cornwall. Tristan moved to King Arthur’s court and later went to Brittany. This love affair puts into place the tragic death of Tristan.

Although more stories and legends of Tristan’s death have circulated throughout the years, perhaps the most famous happened in the story of King Arthur. After Tristan moved to Brittany he met Iseult of Brittany (also known as Iseult of White Hands). He was attracted to her because of the similarity of her name to his true love. He married her, but did not consummate the marriage because of his love for the “true” Isolde.


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