The Truman Show Trailer conclusion

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My truman show trailer is going to be quite mixed up, so there won’t be all comedy clips, then romantic clips etc. it will be all mixed up, I have made 32 scenes with some voice over and captions, here are the scenes in order:

1. Lets see what else is on (Guards), VOICE OVER: Coming to you now from the largest studio ever constructed, it’s the Truman show!

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2. Truman says Good Morning, Family Reply Good Morning, Truman says, “in case I don’t see you, good afternoon, good evening and good night” Zoom in On Truman.

3. Caption (What If?), then What If? Voice over.

4. Truman: Morning Spencer. Spencer: how’s it going?

5. VOICE OVER, AND WORDS: what if you were watched every moment of your life?

6. Truman looking at cameras with man in background asking how many cameras you got there in that town? Christoff answering: 5,000

7. Shot of baby, newsman: I believe Truman is the first child to be legally adopted by a Corporation, Christoff answers: that’s correct. A star is born seen, shot in stomach.

8. VOICE OVER AND CAPTION: What if everyone you knew was pretending?

9. Truman’s Bum In air doing gardening, wife advertising the knife, he replies “that’s amazing”

10. VOICE OVER AND CAPTION: what if your world was make belief?

11. Christoff: “cue the sun” sunrise over the town.

12. Library scene with girl. She says she can’t talk to him, he replies “is it the way I look? Not your type? She answers “no”

13. Something falls from the sky with VOICE OVER: what if you didn’t know it?

14. Truman and friend in shop scene, Christoff: stand by ring cam.

15. Riding off, rain, scene of Truman with soap on mirror.

16. Beach scene where the girl says to Truman: everybody’s pretending. Kissing scene for 2 seconds.

17. Truman Stops the traffic.

18. Friend says to Truman: Im not in it Truman, because the last thing I would ever do to you is lie to you. Christoff: Fade up Music.

19. Christoff with hands: that’s our Hero shot. Truman on boat.

20. 2 Old Ladies Hugging Each Other.

21. Paramount Pictures present: car going off through fire, Truman: wanna do it again?

22. Friend says to camera “he’s gone”, Christoff, “cut transmission”

23. Truman in Sea Scene. Christoff whispers quietly “Truman, where are you going?

24. Truman looks at girls badge saying how’s it going to end?

25. Truman looks at picture of cut out magazines.

26. Man says how we stop him. Christoff: lightning

27. After lightning had faded down, Truman says is that the best you can do?

28. Caf� shop Everyone cheering.

29. Scene of his face smiling at the end of the film with caption: Jim Carrey and voice over.

30. Movie Poster of the Truman show.

31. Guards cheering. “Yeh”

32. Producer, actors etc.

I chose these pacific clips because I thought they stand out more then some of the other clips in the film, and was quite funny, romantic, horrible etc. and was quite interesting.

1 clip in particular caught my eye was the pin badge that says how’s it going to end? Which I though is a brilliant clip because the audience will ask the question to there selves.

Between clips there is average about 4 seconds depending on the scene.

The voice over will be a very deep voice and the what if caption would be on black and white, where as the other captions would be on different colours.

I chose the kissing scene because it shows the audience that there is not just action and other stuff, it has romance in it as well. Also it was a close up shot of the kissing scene which gives the audience more information about what’s going on.

I chose the scene where Truman says in case I don’t see you, good afternoon good evening and good night scene because that’s a big line in the film and the audience could remember it as a catchphrase.


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