Truman vs Macarthur Essay

September 9, 2017 General Studies

Chiefly. President Truman’s actions were more effectual in get downing the Korean War to an terminal. First of all. when North Korea surprisingly swept forces across the 38th analogue on South Korea on June 25. 1950 led to conflict to Korean War. After that the United Nations instantly condemned North Korea while President Truman and his advisers were still make up one’s minding to how to react. While South Korea took assistance from the United Nations to halt the North Korea invasion President Truman decided to take action. He decided to besides back up the South Koreans with military support. While the United States was helping South Korea the Soviet Union was helping the North Korea. President Truman tried his best to assist the South Koreans by directing a American fleet into the Waterss of Taiwan and China. President Truman actions in the Korean war was unbelievable.

He tried his best to back up South Korea to contend the North Korea and provided anything they need to contend back. Second. Truman did the right thing by rejecting MacArthur’s petition. If he did non hold stopped MacArthur for utilizing atomic arms against Chinese metropoliss that they would hold been World War 3 between China and Unites State. Not merely did Truman differ with this thought of MacArthur but Bradley alo disagreed with MacArthur. Bradley said the struggle with China would be. ” the incorrect war. at the incorrect topographic point. at the incorrect clip. and with the incorrect enemy. ” This is stating that a war with China would non acquire us any where and we would non acquire derive anything from it. MacArthur did non listen to President Truman and still continued to press the waging war against China.

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Even his higher-ups informed him non make this and he had no authorization to do determinations of policy. After this act of MacArthur. President Truman got ireful against MacArthur for his behaviour so Truman decided to fire him. President Truman non merely fired MacArthur merely because of his behaviour but Truman worried that the communist authorities of the People’s Republic of China might take the invasion as a hostile act and intervene in the struggle if he had let MacArthur to force a policy into North Korea to wholly get the better of the Communist forces.

This is why Truman decided to take this measure of firing MacArthur and replacing him with another general named Matthew Ridgeway. Last. Truman was wholly right in doing the determinations of whether or non to fire MacArthur and all the other determinations he made during this. President did the right by halting MacArthur before instead than making it subsequently. By halting MacArthur he prevented United States from prosecuting another war with China because MacArthur wanted to detonate a atomic bomb in Chinese metropoliss.

Besides. President Truman aided South Korea with whatever aid they needed particularly with military arms to contend against the North Koreans. Truman did his best during the Korean War and doing MacArthur halt before he could prosecute the united provinces in war with China. President Truman actions towards the Korean war was unbelievable and he took great determinations to forestall United States from traveling into World War 3.


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