Truth and Moral Propositions Essay

August 8, 2017 Cultural

Absolutism- there are absolute truths and. particularly. absolute moral truths to which all human existences must adhere if they are to be moral. Relativism- there are no absolute of any sort. but that everything. particularly morality. is comparative to specific civilizations. groups or even persons. Proposition- A meaningful statement that asserts or claims something about world and that has the features of being true or false. Truth- applies merely to propositions. Describes province of personal businesss that was. that is. or will be existent.

Falsity- applies merely to propositions. Describe a province of personal businesss that was non. that is non. or will non be existent. State of Affairs- an happening or state of affairs that either is or is non existent. Anthropological facts cited in support of cultural tyranny and relativism is: Cultural tyranny 1 ) Similar moral rules exist in all societies. 2 ) Peoples in all civilizations have similar demands. 3 ) There are a great many similarities in state of affairss and relationships bing in all civilizations.

4 ) There are many similarities in sentiments. emotions. and attitudes. Cultural relativism 1 ) There is utmost fluctuation in imposts. manners. tabu. faiths. and so on. from civilization to civilization. 2 ) Moral beliefs and attitudes of human existences are learned basically from their cultural environments. 3 ) People in different civilizations tend to believe that their morality is the one true morality. The different types of propositions are: 1 ) Analytic Proposition.

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These are truths that are known to be absolute because we know the definitions and significance of words. 2 ) Internal Sense. These are propositions we know to be true simply because we have the experience. We entirely genuinely cognize our ain internal province. 3 ) External Sense. These are propositions that describe a province of personal businesss that occurs in the external universe of which we have grounds through our external senses. 4 ) Moral Proposition. These are propositions about morality or those that have moral import.

Truth is absolute because it does non switch around depending upon belief. feelings. clip. or even knowledge. We know for certain that Analytic and Internal State propositions are true because. Analytic propositions are truths known to be absolute and Internal State propositions can be known to be true in what John Hospers calls the strong sense of cognizing if the latter fulfills the undermentioned demands: 1 ) I must believe that the proposition must be true. 2 ) The proposition must really be true. 3 ) I must hold perfectly conclusive grounds that it is true.

I don’t believe there are moral absolutes because to be absolute something must be complete and because different civilizations have different positions on what is moral at that place can non be an absolute moral Moral propositions are propositions about morality or those that have moral import. They are different from other types of propositions because they can non be known to be true or false because they are non facts. I believe that harmonizing to the facts stated by anthropologist on cultural relativism. that cultural relativist are right in their premises an vitamin D that cultural absolutists are non wholly right.


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