Truth Brings Madness To Those Persistent English Literature Essay

There are many grounds that drive people to insanity. They might travel huffy through the chase of love, retaliation, guilt, unhappiness, or even the daze of a atrocious event. However, if one was to look at the job that caused these people to travel insane, they will most likely find that by merely cognizing or larning the truth about events, can take one to madness. If they ne’er learned the truth, they likely ne’er would hold ended up huffy in the first topographic point. The 1s who do stop up huffy though, are the 1s who are relentless in detecting the truth. This construct appears several times in Shakespeare ‘s Hamlet, and because of Hamlet ‘s continuity, he falls into lunacy, after larning the truth. The three chief truths that drive Hamlet to insanity are retaliation, love, and religion. Hamlet ‘s compulsion to happen the truth in his love for Ophelia has him traveling back and Forth between witty and insane. His compulsion to happen the truth to turn out his male parent was murdered ( retaliation ) , has him on border with small patients. And his compulsion to happen the truth in religion has him invariably oppugning his actions. Overall Hamlet ‘s compulsion to happen out the truth about things leads him to madness.

Through out the drama Hamlet has an compulsion to happen out the truth with his love for Ophelia, and it drives him witty and insane, every bit good as farther reinforces his hatred for adult females. When Ophelia begins to disregard him all of a sudden, it drives him crazy for a piece, but when he meets her, he decides to be witty with her, and says, “ Ay, genuinely, for the power of beauty will sooner transform/ honestness from what it is to a prostitute than the force of/ honestness can interpret beauty into his similitude. ” ( 3.1.95-189 ) After talking what seems like daftness for a piece, he says this line to her and she realizes its all abuses. Hamlet explains that beauty could turn a good miss into a prostitute, and that goodness could maintain a miss into a virgin. He so contradicts what she thought by stating he ne’er truly loved her, and even says that she will ne’er get married because wise work forces know that she will rip off on them. When Hamlet encounters Ophelia for the 2nd clip in the drama, it is similar to the first ; he insults her meaninglessly. ( 3.2.101-141 ) He speaks utilizing sexual slang, and makes Ophelia believe that he is mentioning to sex, and he makes her experience foolish when he reveals that he was n’t mentioning to it at all. When Hamlet sees Ophelia being buried, he jumps in her grave as if he truly did love her. Hamlet “ Loved Ophelia. Forty thousand brother ‘s ” ( 5.1. 247-249 ) could non do up the love he had for her. He claims that he loved her yet he is quantifying an abstract thing – Love. This is where it appears that he is brainsick because when she was alive he did non expose any of this love for her, he insulted her alternatively, but when he finds her dead, he reveals his love for her. Hamlet is incapable to get by with the loss of Ophelia ‘s love, which is what pushed him slight closer to madness, but decides to conceal his lunacy and diss her alternatively. Once she is dead, he reveals his love for her. This shows that his compulsion with love makes him witty and mad at the same clip.

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Ever since Hamlet meets the shade he becomes poised on taking retaliation the decease of his male parent. For one thing he puts on a drama to convey out the truth about the male monarchs actions. ( 3.2 ) By making this Hamlet was able to detect the King ‘s reactions and through it he was able to happen the truth about his male parent ‘s decease. However, he is so taken by seting on this drama that he rashly adds a portion into the drama where the nephew kills the current male monarch and takes his married woman. By making this he sets himself up to look like a liquidator. Another incident is when Hamlet follows Claudius up to his room and finds him praying. “ Now might I make it chuck. Now he is a-praying./And now I ‘ll make ‘t. And so he goes to heaven./And so am I revenged.-That would be scanned. ” ( 3.3.74-76 ) says Hamlet. He can clearly see that he can carry through his mission at this minute, but he is enduring from internal struggle. Wondering if she should travel though with the title or delay for a better chance. He promised himself and his male parent ‘s shade that he would revenge his male parent, but alternatively he waits for a better clip. This in an incident where he saneness comes into inquiry, at times he is so acute to take retaliation, yet when he has the chance like he does here, he changes his head. These events show that Hamlet has an compulsion with taking retaliation for his male parent, yet he is unable to clearly believe about his programs and follow though with them, ensuing in him believing twice about what he is about to make, and this leads to his lunacy while prosecuting retaliation.

Faith is the 3rd component that plays into Hamlet ‘s lunacy. Throughout most of the drama Hamlet is believed to be “ on the fencing ” about faith. At times it seems like he believes in God and faith, and other times it seems like he merely believes that when one dies, that is the terminal. This leads him to go brainsick because overall he can non make up one’s mind whether or non to believe a shade, or believe that there is no faith and moreover, religion. An incident where it could be assumed that Hamlet does non believe in God is when Hamlet is handed the skull of Yorick from the gravedigger. He says “ Where/ be your shots now? Your plaies? Your vocals? Your/ flashes of gaiety that were wont to put the tabular array on/ a boom? Not one now to mock your ain smile? Quite/ chapfallen? Now get you to my lady ‘s chamber and tell/ her, allow her paint an inch midst, to this favour she must/ semen. ” ( 5.1.173-179 ) He is looking at Yorick as if he is merely dead, and has gone neither to heaven nor hell. He so asks Horatio “ Alexander died, Alexander was buried, Alexander returneth to dust, the dust is earth, of Earth we make loam ” ( 5.1.189-191 ) He gives the feeling the he believes that when people die, the merely bend to dirt and the rhythm continues like that, no Eden of snake pit after decease. Then when he finds Claudius praying by his bed after the disrespectful drama, he draws his blade and says “ And so ‘a goes to heaven. ” ( 3.3.74 ) This could hold meant that he believed in Eden at that point and was experiencing as if a stronger power was watching his actions, and decided to keep off for a better clip to kill Claudius. In the terminal it could be said that Hamlet died believing in God because in his last few words Hamlet says to Laertes, “ Heaven make thee free of it. I follow thee. ” ( 5.2.327 ) He shows that he believes that he ( his psyche ) will travel to either Eden or snake pit and he would follow the remainder of his household. Overall Hamlet is split between believing in God and faith, and believing that there is no life after decease. This is chiefly due to the fact that he does n’t cognize if to believe in the shade and what it says, or merely disregard it and move as if it was a merchandise of his imaginativeness. This causes him to acquire frustrated at times and farther proves that he is huffy.

Hamlet was drawn into lunacy because he was so relentless in larning the truth. If he had ne’er learned the truth about his male parent ‘s decease, he ne’er would hold wanted retaliation. If he had non followed his male parent ‘s shade, he ne’er would hold learned the truth in religion, and if he was non so frontward with Ophelia, her male parent likely would hold allowed her to be with him, avoiding the compulsion of love he had with her, and possibly she would non hold gone brainsick and killed herself. These three chief truths in the drama lead Hamlet to insanity.



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