Trying To Understand The History Of Art Film Studies Essay

November 1, 2017 Film Studies

Art has existed since the beginning of world and historiographers every bit good as philosophers have spent old ages seeking to understand and construe art. Aestheticss, though being a really controversial topic, was of import for these historiographers and philosophers in understanding all signifiers of art – be it music, dance, literary or all right humanistic disciplines. The cause behind aesthetics being a controversial topic was because many philosophers, art historiographers or even artists themselves have different beliefs or definitions on what aesthetics is. Joseph P. Maguire raised the inquiry in his paper ‘The Differentiation of Art in Plato ‘s Aesthetics ‘ ( Maguire, 389 ) – “ For, what is aesthetics about? Beauty, or art, or both? ” This essay will research aesthetics, based on theories by philosophers such as Plato, with the topic being the dance public presentation ‘Graffiti of the Celeste ” produced by The Arts Fission Company and held at the Esplanade Theatre Studio on 16th March 2010.

Graffiti of the Celeste and its Aestheticss

This portion of the essay will concentrate chiefly on the aesthetic elements of the show – “ signifier, construction, proficient proficiency and manner ” . ( Thomas, 21 ) This includes the dance stage dancing, the music, the illuming design every bit good as the costumes worn by the terpsichoreans for the public presentation as all those elements contribute to the aesthetic of the public presentation. However, as ‘Graffiti of the Celeste ‘ is a dance public presentation, the stage dancing would be the most important facet of the overall aesthetic. The public presentation was broken down into six scenes with each scene having different Numberss of terpsichoreans. The opening scene of the public presentation showed the terpsichoreans coming from inside the set, which seems to stand for a manmade construction of some kind. The lighting at this point was instead minimum which made the terpsichoreans look more similar silhouettes. The terpsichoreans were traveling in an organic manner, as though they were harmless workss or animate beings, which is most likely the image the choreographer was seeking to paint as the public presentation was inspired by clime alteration and how it affects the different elements of nature. Soon after, more terpsichoreans joined the scene and the motions began to be more focussed on the organic structure. One important portion was when the four terpsichoreans were traveling in a square gesture, which was marked by utilizing visible radiations to determine the square. The terpsichoreans walked back and Forth utilizing manus gestures and organic structure motion such as indicating and shrugging.

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The scene following this featured several couples. The relationship between the different braces seemed really existent and credible, as though the dance was non choreographed. However, the scene seemed more of a style-driven scene to showcase the terpsichoreans ‘ ability and technique. The most unforgettable scene in the public presentation would be one when one of the terpsichoreans was have oning a costume, which looked like sea animal of some kind. The terpsichorean was creeping along the floor, and wore a mask and was accessorized with something, which looked like four murphies. This ‘creature ‘ was accompanied by another ‘creature ‘ , which looked like some kind of a bird. Lighting which was red at this point of the public presentation was important as it reflected the devastation of nature. The public presentation ends with the whole ensemble dancing together interchanging spouses and dancing about in an unorganised manner.

Understanding the Aestheticss

This first scene clearly shows how aesthetics is used to portray objects – worlds dancing as nature. Carolyn E. Thomas, in his paper ‘Aesthetics and Dance ‘ ( Thomas, 5 ) , brings up the point that “ the performing artist ‘s organic structure is at one time the instrument of making the object of perceptual experience ” ( Thomas, 5 ) . When we talk about aesthetics here, we see it as “ an intensification of world ” ( Thomas, 5 ) , because the organic structure and the motions are being used to give the audience a “ deepening of the experience of world ” ( Thomas, 23 ) . In the following portion of the first scene, we see the terpsichoreans walking about in the square. Though this portion might non be aesthetically delighting or ‘beautiful ‘ , it is of import to observe that this stage dancing had some kind of a poetic intent. To exemplify a barbarous rhythm and contending for infinite, which is likely speaking about the current clime alteration as workss, animate beings and worlds are viing for infinite and resources. This highlights how moral thoughts influence the aesthetic of the show and because the show had a intent to convey visible radiation of clime alteration to the audiences ( Maguire, 396 ) . As dance is an aesthetic and animal experience, it might “ produces pleasance in perceivers, and perceivers tend to go like what they like ” ( Maguire, 396 ) .

In respects to the other scenes, which featured the terpsichoreans merely walking or the scene with the unusual ‘sea animal ‘ , it is likely good to research if aesthetics is about beauty, the art or both. If aesthetics were about beauty, so would it be “ an nonsubjective belongings, or a subjective province, or a complex of both? ” Or is it merely beautiful if there was some kind of blessing from the audience? If aesthetics is about the graphics itself, do we see it based on the creative person ‘s physical merchandise ( Maguire, 389 ) , what the creative person is believing approximately, or the response from the viewing audiences? In ‘Graffiti of the Celeste ‘ , it was hard to experience the aesthetic experience as most of the stage dancing was based on normal twenty-four hours actions, like indicating and walking. However, cognizing what the stage dancing was approximately and associating it to what we see on phase, makes us understand the aesthetics of the public presentation, therefore back uping the theory that aesthetic is about the graphics itself.


‘Graffiti of the Celeste ‘ was a dance public presentation, which presented many theories of aesthetics. In some instances, aesthetics was used with the intent of conveying out moral thoughts and how nature is now being affected by clime alteration. In other instances, the aesthetics of the stage dancing, with the aid from the music, visible radiations and costume, helped the pigment the image of a existent object, though being more intensified. We were able to see how dance, which uses the organic structure as an instrument, is a really animal aesthetic experience, is able to assist us understand what aesthetic is from different positions.

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