Tuesday, through his bag as fast as

By April 15, 2019 General Studies

Tuesday, 6:15 P.M. A tall 6’2′ man felt it again. Someone was following him. It had been happening for at least two weeks and it was scaring him. Every time he left his office where he worked, he could feel the stare of someone behind him. But to his relief, every time he looked there was no one there. He started walking faster as his house came into view. Not enough for the mystery person to know that he was walking faster, but definitely enough to put a greater distance between him and the stalker.
By the time he had come within a block of the house, he sprinted to the front door. He searched through his bag as fast as he could to find his key. He stuck it in the keyhole, twisted it, opened the door. SLAM!!! He closed the door and locked it, then went over to close the curtains. By the time he had come within a block of the house, he full on sprinted to the front door.
He went over to his laptop to check out any recent stalking cases from the Police Department records. The last one had been in 2011. Why was there a stalker now? He wondered if it had anything to do with his secret job of being a detective. Knock, knock… He heard someone at the door. Bump, bump, bump… He went over to the front window. He thought to himself as he pulled back the curtain for a peek. Straight in front of him, only barrier a sheet of glass, was a figure with black eyes and a shadowed face. He wore a black hat and a tan coat.
He ran into the bathroom, turned on the lights, and locked the door. He sat on the toilet and gave a sigh of relief. He looked up to see the man’s face in the mirror! He yelled and then leaped back, hitting his head on the sink. He opened his eyes and gave a sigh of relief. An hour later he quietly opened the door and crept over to the window. He opened the curtain. There was nothing and he decided to go to bed.
The next morning he cautiously opened the front door. When he saw nobody, he gained back a little bit of confidence. So he went to work, Wednesday, 6:00 P.M. Today he had been lucky. One of the customers had given him an extra big tip and his boss had noticed. He now sat in his chair exhausted. He leaned his head back and closed his eyes.
1:00 A.M. He opened his eyes to a dark room. The air was cold. The boss must have thought he had left and locked the building. He also turns off the heater every night to save electricity. He was stuck. The room got colder and colder by the minute. He put his coat and scarf back on, but it still wasn’t warm enough. He could see the snow falling outside, he could see his own breath and he knew that he needed to get warm. He went to the door and it was locked. So, he went to the cabinets. He remembered that there was a spare set of keys in the back room. He went in and found it. He held the keys with joy. But there was a problem the front door key wasn’t there. He would have to spend the night here.
Suddenly, a chill went down his spine. He turned around. Staring right back at him was the stalker. He was on the other side of the glass window. All he could do was watch. He froze in place. He could not move. He felt like he was going to faint. He fell to his knees and couldn’t see him anymore. He looked up again and saw him. But, just as quickly as he appeared, he disappeared. Then he heard a click. He just sat there for a moment to catch his breath. All of a sudden, he realized that he was still freezing and not getting any warmer. In fact, it felt as if it was steadily getting colder.
He quickly got to his feet and felt something. A harsh breeze of frigid air blew towards him. He looked to where it was coming from. The front door was open! How did the door open? Guess it doesn’t matter, I can go home!
He locked the front door and closed it behind her. It’s so cold! I need to hurry! He started running through the streets to reach his house. It was a 15-minute walk and the numbness of his toes had started to spread up his feet and legs. He couldn’t have his legs give out on him. He needed to get to a warm area as soon as possible. Crunch, crunch… He heard footsteps behind him. He ran even faster, but the sound never left his ears. He could hear it even through the blizzard going on around him.
His legs finally gave way. He touched them and they felt like ice. I’m never going to be able to move! Crunch, crunch, crunch… The footsteps were getting closer! He shut his eyes, tightly. He should have stayed inside the office and just explained it to his boss in the morning.
Finally, the footsteps stop. He opened her eyes… He looked up. There above him was the stalker. He felt dizzy, kind of like he would faint. He felt himself being lifted. I guess this is the end, isn’t it? he wondered. He then blacked out.
He opened his eyes. He felt warm. Where was he? He was lying on a couch, wrapped in a blanket, with her to legs sticking into buckets of hot water. He couldn’t remember anything. He looked up. There, in front of his eyes was a ghost. In shock, he looked at the table beside him a tan coat and a black hat lay on it. “I have always wanted to repay you for saving me. So I saved your life.” The ghost smiled then slowly dissolved into thin air.
The detective sat there for a while in shock. He thought to himself “Wait a minute, I never saved anybody’s life! The ghost got the wrong person!”


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