Tumultuous Years in European History

In August 1914, a large portion of Europe was shaken by war. Anticipated that would be short, the contention turned into a long and ridiculous aggregate war, mobilizing people and also soldiers and slaughtering millions. By 1918, not just was it seen as a European undertaking but it was the war of all wars and had turned into a worldwide clash.1 It is hard to decide the reasons of the outbreak of such a cataclysmic war, whether it was the long haul reason going back to 1839, The Treaty of London, seventy-five years prior the breakout of the war, or the occasions in the first months before the war, the July crisis being the most evident of these. In any case, these long and fleeting occasions could be contended to boil down to one thought, Britain’s desire at a power balance. The Entente Cordiale and Britain’s feud with Germany in the Naval Race can both be solid contenders while looking at the motives of Britain entering the World War.

The 1839 Treaty of London can be contended to have critical motivation to why H.H Asquith brought his nation into the Great War. This settlement bound Britain to monitor the lack of bias of Belgium in case of an intrusion. Be that as it may, in August 1914 Germany attacked Belgium to pick up a more grounded toehold on France, therefore leaving France without its undeniably required cushion zone. By breaking the peace settlement, Germany incited Britain and left Asquith with one decision, to announce war.2 The intrusion and the Treaty of London were utilized adequately as legal pretext to announce such a war and made it to some degree more worthy to the British open. The Germans simply requested that Britain overlook their bound to the Belgians as they depicted the treaty to be only a scrap of paper.

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The protection of Belgium was vital to France as well as was essential for Britain’s security, as German control would prompt their principle more than two noteworthy ports, Ostende and Zeebrugge, unpreventa…



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