Turandot by Giacomo Pucccini

July 25, 2019 Music

Turandot, a work by Italian composer Giacomo Pucccini, is my favorite opera. It bears an exciting plot joined to music ingeniously crafted, and together they make a work of unpaired colorfulness and dramatism. It is based on an old and very much known Chinese legend, the legend of Calaf, which narrates the exploits of Prince Calaf, whose people is defeated on war and conquered by the Chinese Emperor. Princess Turandot, the Emperor’s daughter, is full of hatred an only wishes revenge for an ancestress who was murdered centuries ago by a foreign princess. Turandot proclaims that she will marry the suitor of royal lineage who solves all of three riddles she will pose, but should not he do so, he will be beheaded.


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