Tutorial Schools

1 Tutorial Schools, The Better Place to Learn? It is not surprising to see hordes of students busy checking their shopping list at counters of tutorial schools. They pay more respect to the teaching materials offered by tutorial schools than those by their day time school. Are tutorial school so magical as thought by them? Can tutorial classes really help or they are just help use students’ money? Lets explore the pros and cons of attending such schools. To begin with, let us have an in-depth examination of the advantages of attending tutorial schools. One of the pros is that they help to alleviate the examination pressure.

Due to the fact that many students consider revision of piles of notes and text books a huge and difficult task to them, notes which contain summaries of the syllabus are usually provided by tutors. With these materials, students can save a lot of time and effort in having revision . Some tutorial centers also use a variety of strategies to motivate students to study. For example, giving cash awards and special discounts. Under the circumstances, the tutorial courses can give a helping hand to the students to acquire subject knowledge in an easier way . Another plus of the schools is that they enable students to get better exam results.

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When attending the lessons, various kinds of examination techniques are provided to students, such as teaching them the techniques of answering questions in the examinations, as well as providing tips on topics which may appear on the coming examination. Besides, tutorial schools provide students with plentiful exercises on the academic subjects. A proverb goes “Practice makes perfect. ” If students have more chances of doing exercises, they will probably acquire more in-depth subject knowledge, which leads them to have better academic achievements and in turn they can have better prospects.

Having understood the pros of tutorial schools, we should shift our focus to exploring their demerits. The first problem has to do with the absence of real educational purposes . Owing to the fact that the materials provided by the tutorial schools are carefully calculated, students are deprived of the chance of logical think and independent analysis. Students will just memorize everything taught by the tutors, and anything which is not covered will be total strangers to them. Moreover, tutorial centers are so exam-oriented that they fail to develop proper study skills in students and they only help students to pass the exam.

In fact, we should always be reminded that learning the practical study skills is a key to success. What’s more,tutorial schools should serve the purpose of implanting positive values in to the mind of students. Such values include honesty, responsibility, courage and so on. Have tutorial schools ever taught them? The answer is obvious. Even worse, the tutors to a certain extent convey a unsound message to teenagers . The tutors ,who can be seen on billboards, newspaper ads and TV screens in railway stations or on buses, are usually given nicknames like “the Godfather of Science,” “Brand-A tutor” or the “Queen of English. Some of them even have their own teams of stylists, fashion designers and photographers . This give students an impression of movie stars or idols rather than teachers who are engaged in serious teaching . To conclude, I am in no way denying that the existing value of these schools as they help students tackle exams but I fail to see how they can serve any of the educational purposes as outlined above. Those glorifying them as an efficient means of education are just running too far,



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