Two examples of lines of Research

April 18, 2019 Psychology

Two examples of lines of Research:
Two studies you have selected, address the following:
Over the past two decades, the concept of quality has been one of the most influential ideas around in education, especially in higher level education. Due to a greater aspect on accountability, the quality of educating and studying styles for higher education facilities has been under closer observation than normal from multiple governments, mainly because students learning experiences is one of the main objectives of universities and colleges around the world ( Paterson, et, al, 2002). A number of national looking at undergraduate students’ perceptions of different teaching styles and learning techniques have been conducted in many different places, and these surveys consist of two very different lines of research. The first looks at mainly the way students expect to be taught versus how the teachers really teach, and there is a second line of research that is been conducted as well that focuses on student engagement and what students are actually doing in universities (Baldwin ; Danielson, 2002).
In the United States, the Survey of Student Engagement was started by the Indiana University Center for Postsecondary Research, it has been conducted every year, since 2000. In the year 2015, there were more than 315,000 students from 564 US and 21 Canadian bachelor’s degree-granting institutions that were in the national survey. As described by Coates and McCormick (2014), the line of research lead lead to an international engagement movement, which recognizes the importance of the role of student engagement which determines the quality of a student’s undergraduate education, because of this study, a nationwide survey on student engagement has then been developed and administered to all students.
Recommend potential lines of research that you could examine based on your readings of the paper
To the best of my knowledge, Yin and Wang’s in 2016, their research is the only empirical study that used the MES model to assess university student engagement, and their findings showed that the MES for university and college level college students was a very promising and valid instrument to use for the assessment of Chinese student engagement, and Chinese undergraduates students who performed exceptionally well in both adaptive and maladaptive roles (Paterson, et, al, 2002). The research in this department only looked at four roles, and very little is currently known about relationships between university students’ motivations and student level engagements, which constructs important levels for their learning, especially
those relating to the quality of the program or the instruction needed for what they experience on campus. I believe that further research should be aimed at looking at the gaps left from the current studies that have been done from the first line of the study, which is mainly about instruction and it is mainly about capturing students’ perceptions of the curriculum, provided by instructors, while the second line of research looked at primarily student learning, which reveled students’ behavioural and psychological involvement in educational activities that were on their campus. Also, although the disciplines of the students within this sample are limited, the present study there was found that, compared with students majoring in engineering program that medical students tend to have more unfavourable perceptions of their course experiences engagements, so these findings show that educators need to turn their attention to the learning experiences of undergraduate students majoring in medicine academia programs in China, and beyond.
The second Research Paper:
The line of research that this paper is currently following is it concerned with the
How culture impacts work, and the environment, and it is increasingly important to understand how culture plays a role in the organization if it fails or if it succeeds in its current role in the community. One of my things in this area is looking at why culture can affect productivity, as well as possible interventions that may go along with it. All things being possible, an organization with the greatest productivity and growth is the organization that is most likely to do good, and to survive in the global community, and there is further evidence that success using productive interventions may help on the techniques used and the place of which it is started.

As in the nature of work has changed, the nature of employees can be changed as well, and the relationships between the demographic factor’s in ethnicity and gender have been extremely important aspects in various studies. In the study of Bruce and Blackburn that was done in 1992, job satisfaction often creates an uncertainty among many managers and scholars alike, as to why it happens and if there really is an issue that needs to be looked at or not for researchers, by examining individual issues that affect job satisfaction and performance may be an important reason to explain the cause and explain more specific measures than personal job satisfaction.. Researcher’s suggested that a classification system may be needed to predict the type of satisfaction that results in both positive and negative job attitudes and later behavior resulting from working on the job.
Work dynamics are rapidly changing in the business environment, and one area to improve things is in business strategy, and developing, as well as keeping the trained and talented employee’s on staff for the facility.Having qualified and trained staff becomes very important as they can perform their jobs confidently, and they then develop a stronger sense of accomplishment, by then becoming even more loyal to the corporation or company through increased job happiness and completion. There is a relevant link between job satisfaction and business success that has generated quite a bit interest among various researcher’s and from other research conducted on the subject, job empowerment is also variables that influence how happy one is with their jobs.
Recommend potential lines of research that you could examine based on your readings of the paper:
Personal relationships between ethnicities and gender may be linked in studies, however, there hasn’t been enough evidence to link them in current studies. As Bruce and Blackburn stated when they looked at job satisfaction that it creates an uncertainty among leaders in the work environment, as well as researchers as to why it occurs, as well as doe it really matters in the final countdown? By looking at each person’s job satisfaction, we need to look at the why’s, and the what for’s. O’ Ranny made the statement that looking at one aspect at satisfaction only achieves more specific measures and goals than just overall satisfaction. A classification system is needed to be put in place to better predict what type of satisfaction that would result from both positive and negative job attitudes or behaviors that may result from each situation.
Reiner and Zhao in 1999 did a study in the lack of consensus in the sources for job satisfaction and they said that there is a slight relationship among job satisfaction, demographic issues, and work environment that today still is unclear today and that their study showed no difference in genetics, but there are differences in race-ethnicity. Further examination should be in determining, why job satisfaction is lower for minorities, and why there a relationship between job satisfaction and age (Zhang, et, al, 2017 ). There should also be a longitudinal study done to test possible curvilinear relationships, and employee satisfaction plus why people like to leave their jobs. Looking at continuous learning environment, what is needed for supervisor support in the working environment, and what makes positive financial results could be looked at as well.

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Paterson, J. M., Green, A., & Cary, J. (2002). The measurement of organizational justice in organizational change programmes: A reliability, validity, and context-sensitivity assessment. Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology, 75(4), 393-408. doi:10.1348/096317902321119565
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