Two Gentle People By Graham Greene (Tone And Language) Essay Sample

August 3, 2017 Communication

“Two Gentle People” Language and Tone 6/21/01 Graham Greene’s narrative “Two Gentle People” introduces us to his characters Henry and Marie-Claire. They meet in a local park and are brought together by the thoughtless act of two adolescents. They are two people who seem really stuffy. instead old fashioned. and “” as we discover “” really unhappily married! In this narrative. the imagination and symbolism in their duologue abounds. This sets the tone for a instead sad and pathetic narrative. The narrative reminds me of a vocal by state western creative person Reba McIntyre that goes “”¦where were you when I could hold loved you”¦ . ? ” The cardinal thought relays the impression that sometimes we need to sharply seek to happen our felicity. No affair what your age. true love could be out at that place waiting for you.

The narrative is set in late afternoon to early eventide in a park in Paris. France. It concludes in the ulterior eventide in the single places of the characters. What is interesting about these scenes is the chance for a romantic affair. The reader has to inquire if it doesn’t come to go through because the characters are older. “In younger people it might hold been a twenty-four hours for a opportunity encounter-secret behind the long barrier of baby buggies with lone babes and nurses in sight. But they were both of them middle-aged. and neither was inclined to care for an semblance of possessing a lost young person. ”¦” Or if it was because of the clip period the narrative was set in ( late 70’s? ) and the free love motion had ne’er hit their age bracket. “Modesty and disenchantment gave them something in common’ though they were separated by five pess of green metal they could hold been a married twosome who had grown to resemble each other.

This narrative is told from an all-knowing 3rd party’s point of position. The storyteller presents a few different struggles throughout the narrative. but the major 1 is the struggle each character has within themselves. For Henry. does he state Marie-Claire of his married woman who tries his forbearance “” Patient? Does he possibly take the opportunity of being physical with Marie-Claire? Does she even want him to be anything but the gentleman she perceives him to be? For Marie-Claire. she finds herself in a atrocious fake called a matrimony. Does she confide in Henry? Does she linger over cocktails at the terminal of the eventide to protract what has likely been one of the happier eventides of her life in recent memory? The storyteller besides hints at the sex lives of these characters. Did Henry merely do love to his married woman that forenoon? “You want me to kip so that I won’t expect anything. That’s it. isn’t it. you’re excessively old now to make it twice. ” ( Is it doing love or merely holding sex? )

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Poor Marie-Claire is married to a adult male who seems to prefer work forces to her. Even in the late 70’s. people had to be worried about AIDS ; I doubt she would allow him touch her! There is truly interesting linguistic communication in this narrative. As mentioned earlier. the tone is sad and goes manus in manus with pitiful. as you feel regretful for these two characters. The first illustration of linguistic communication crosses over between symbolism and sarcasm. Each of them goes place to kip in a twin or individual bed. yet both of them are married. The individual bed symbolizes the passionless relationships they both exist in. The sarcasm besides lies in the sexual facet where. because they wouldn’t dig deeper into each other’s lives “” even though it was obvious they wanted to “” they both missed out on a romantic interlude. Possibly. if they had realized they had so really much sadness in common. they could hold changed their state of affairss.

Symbolism besides mixes with imagination in this narrative. The obvious imagination is in the beginning where they describe Henry’s mustache. “”¦with his satiny old-world mustache like a badge of good behavior”¦” You can conceive of a large. but neatly trimmed. busy mustache as the halfway characteristic of his face. Possibly similar to an English gentleman of past. But the imagination and symbolism I truly like are the words Graham Greene pigments for us as they each enter their legal residence. “Marie-Claire walked through the self-opening doors and idea. as she ever did. of airdromes and flights. ” The imagination shows us that long before she even meets the charming Henry. Marie-Claire has had ideas of get awaying her unhappy life. Airports. particularly. typify flight as one normally does non acquire on an aeroplane unless they are taking a longer trip so one might set about by auto.

As she enters and the first thing she sees is the abstract picture she seems to hate. we see imagery of her feelings reflected in the narrator’s description. “An abstract picture in barbarous tones of vermilion and yellow faced the door and treated her like a alien. ” Marie-Claire merely feels like a alien in this house/flat. Because the image was painted by one of her husband’s many trysts. Marie-Claire feels that it mocks her. It seems to typify all she disfavors of her life in that topographic point. Interesting besides. is the “little rock Phallus with painted eyes that had a topographic point of award in the living room. ” It symbolizes her husband’s penchant for phalluss as opposed to the soft curves of a adult female.

Henry greets his married woman. Patience. and ironically puts up with her impatient tone and sarcastic imaginativenesss. The coffin nail Burnss on the pillow make the reader believe this adult female really rarely leaves her place. allow entirely the bed. She evidently has an elixir to assist her slumber and he mixes it up with H2O promoting her to imbibe it. Their duologue is stating. “You want me to kip so that I won’t expect anything. That’s it. isn’t it. you’re excessively old to make it twice. ” These words tell the reader that even if they have a sex life. Henry is in no haste to reiterate the title that was seemingly done in the forenoon. He would instead sit back and live over his flushing with Marie-Claire. “”Luckily this would non be one of their worst darks. for she drank from the glass without farther statement. while he sat beside her and remembered the street outside the brasserie and how “” by accident he was certain “” he had been called “tu” . ”

The ultimate sarcasm is how Marie-Claire and Henry come together. one time once more. in the terminal of the narrative. This clip their opportunity meeting is esoterically in their heads. Henry sits back and thinks. “I was merely believing that things might hold been different. ” he said. It was the biggest protest he had of all time allowed himself to do against the status of life. ” Marie-Claire. as she inserts her earplugs to barricade her dallying hubby. “”¦and she shut her eyes and thought how different things might hold been if 15 old ages ago she had sat on a bench in the Parc Monceau. watching a adult male with commiseration killing a pigeon. ” Where were you when I could hold loved you”¦”¦ . . ? ”


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