Types of Advertising Media Essay

August 8, 2017 Media

There are assorted types of advertisement media through which companies can publicize merchandises. trade name and services. in order to advance their concerns. Ogilvy ( 1987 ) who is considered to be one of the innovators of advertisement and selling constructs one time stated in his book entitled “Ogilvy on advertising” that advertisement is the publicity of company’s or personal merchandises. trade names and services carried out chiefly to hike gross revenues and is highly permeant in today’s society. Ad has become an indispensable component of the corporate universe and therefore many companies allot a considerable sum of resources towards publicizing their merchandises either by the print media. out-of-door media and the broadcast medium media advertisement.

First. the print media advertisement. in an research by Manohar ( 2011 ) entitled “types of advertisement media” he noted that. the print media is achieve by advancing merchandises through the usage of newspapers and magazines. in which the media offers options such as promotional booklets and flyers to accomplish their advertisement intents. Often. this type of advertisement medium impacts a big part of the advertisement universe through its day-to-day publication that goes straight to the targeted clients. In add-on to that. many local concerns use the print media to guarantee that they capitalize on the advertisement market. cognizing that people read magazines and day-to-day newspapers and are likely to come across advertizement that are strategically place at that place to capture their involvement.

The out-of-door media advertisement is besides an of import and really popular signifier for advancing merchandises. Mentioned in an article by advertising- suite ( 2009 ) entitled “types of advertisement media” the out-of-door media makes usage of several tools and techniques to aim the general populace. but is achieved by manner of puting advertizements on hoardings. booths. traveling transit every bit good as events and trade shows. Terse and catchy phrases are implemented in this type of advertisement media to catch the attending of the general populace and efficaciously go forth a permanent effects on them. Furthermore. the out-of-door advertisement media is a antic medium concerns used to pass on their information schemes between themselves and intended audiences.

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Finally. another signifier of advertisement is through the broadcast medium media. The book entitled “Broadcasting and Cable” by Warner ( 1986 ) positions airing media as advertisement that is electronically transmitted to people. it constitute several subdivisions such as telecasting. wireless and the Internet. When companies advertise on telecasting or wireless they frequently rely on repeat of ads in order to derive consumers involvement in their merchandises. Harmonizing to Hassam ( 2011 ) in an article entitled “types of advertisement media” people spend considerable sum of their clip watching telecasting. shoping the Internet and listening to the wireless and as such the broadcast medium advertisement media reaches a wider audience both nationally and globally. Furthermore. it besides gives selling bureaus the chance to be originative in efficaciously conveying their selling messages through sight. sound and gesture.


The usage of advertisement media for many companies has been seen as an of import constituent for their selling tactics to advance concerns every bit good as to pass on their information expeditiously. Ad through the print. outdoor and airing media have improve merchandise gross revenues. popularise company’s name and trade name value. if a merchandise is advertised good and its information reaches to the multitudes. so the opportunities of more people acquiring to cognize about it spread. Thus. doing publicizing good for the consumers. makers and the advertisement bureaus within the local or the planetary market.


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