Types of Volleyball Practice Essay

September 3, 2017 General Studies

• massed pattern and distributed pattern • whole pattern and portion pattern • blocked pattern and random pattern • varied and changeless pattern • drill and job resolution

Massed Practice ; is a preparation modus operandi in which a accomplishment is practised continuously and systematically. E. g. 50 playground ball pitches. 25 hoops free throws. volleyball 40 serves. A barrier to massed pattern includes weariness and motive and is normally unwanted to novices.

Distributed Practice ; consists of short. frequent pattern Sessionss with remainder intervals. This type of pattern is effectual for larning accomplishments. E. g. 5 sets of 20 chest base on ballss with 2 minute remainders. Most grounds indicates that distributed pattern is more effectual in bettering public presentation.

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Whole Practice ; is the acquisition of the accomplishment in its entireness. This type of pattern is effectual in accomplishments that are high in complexness and low in administration such as leap shooting or skating.

Part Practice ; is the acquisition of each of the separate constituents of the accomplishment. It is peculiarly effectual when the accomplishment being taught is complex and has clearly defined constituents e. g. golf swing. Both Part and Whole Practice can be used to learn the same accomplishments e. g. breaststroke.

Blocked Practice ; is where scholars attempt the same accomplishment repeatedly in order to polish and better their public presentation. E. g. Tennis –15 forehands. 15 backhands. 15 fusillades. More effectual for scholars in the cognitive phase.

Random Practice ; is when all constituents of the multi undertaking accomplishment are practiced in random order within each pattern session.

Changeless Practice ; refers to the pattern of merely one accomplishment without any fluctuation e. g. kicking a ball to a mark 10 off.

Varied Practice ; refers to practising a category of accomplishments utilizing fluctuations within the one pattern session. E. g. kicking to a mark 10m off so 20m off and 30m.

Drills ; Learning through repeat ( eg. Dig. Set. spike drill we do in category )

Problem Solving ; larning through probe and find. ( if the instructor gave you a ball and said “work out how to function the ball with no direction or feedback )


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