UAE’s Occupied Islands Abu Musa and the Greater and Lesser Tunbs

October 9, 2017 General Studies

UAE’s occupied Islands Abu Musa and the Greater and Lesser Tunbs

Summary and Recommendations

The memoranda provides an brief analysis and advanced, actionable policy recommendations for the legal and political quandary involued due to the UAE’s Islands ; Abu Musa and The Greater and Lesser Tunbs, occupied by the The Islamic Republic of Iran. Since four decennaries of this difference, it has involued five chief issues that are ( Cordesman, 2003 ) ( a ) the issue of sovereignty and rubric over these islands as clamied by the both states, ( B ) usage of military force in the twelvemonth 1971 in order to achieve the control and emanation of the islands, ( degree Celsius ) the cogency of the pact signed, ( vitamin D ) the inquiry of reversion and ( vitamin E ) in seek of a peaceable colony to this difference ( Cordesman, 2003 ) .

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Following are the advanced and actionable policy recommendations that are being offered by us to Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan and his cabinet so that they can be assisted in turn toing the important foreign policy challenges with Iran in the twelvemonth in front. By the valuable recommendatios the President of UAE will be able to make up one’s mind which precedences should be pursed and how its powers, influence should be managed to determine up this crisis. The UAE authorities should mention this issue once more to the Security Council in which the Persian invasion’s impacts should be discussed ( Ahmadi, 2008 ) . As the meeting takes place the UAE authorities should lodge a protest which should be condemned as the evildoing of the sovereighty of UAE and a violation of the UN charter is taking topographic point for all theses old ages (, 2015 ) . A declaration should be demanded from the Security Council ( Zwaagstra, 2013 ) .

UAE should besides press the support signifier other influential countires and inistutions ( Guzansky, 2014 ) . The affair of the occupied islands should instantly be reffered to the International Court of Justice ( Guzansky, 2014 ) . Fortunately, the European Union and the brotherhood of South America Nations, with the five members of the Security Council ( UK, USA, China, Russia and France ) and emerging powers like Turkey and Brazil are besides supportive towards UAE’s place of naming on Persian Government to work out this issue at one time (, 2015 ) .


The part of Gulf has ever witnessed assorted boundary line differences specifically where the maritime boundaries exist but the issue of the UAE’s islands of the Abu Musa, The Greater and Lesser Tunbs has ever been more built-in than of all time ( Ahmadi, 2008 ) . The unsettled difference over the Tunbs has been between Ras al Khaimah and Iran where as unsettled difference over the island of Abu Musa has been between Emirates of Sharja and Iran ( Cordesman, 2003 ) . The important strategic place of the UAE’s islands is the chief ground for the difference as it is located along the oiler lanes inside the Strait of Hormuz ( Zwaagstra, 2013 ) . However the oil and other natural resources are besides some of the factors. Oil has been exploited and the sedimentations of ruddy Fe oxide sedimentations for the Sharja are vastly the chief beginning of possible income watercourse ( Guzansky, 2014 ) .

Throughout the old ages 1950s to 1960s, when the British period prevailed the unsettled difference of sovereighty continued to boom and escalated in that clip period. However the British authorities favored UAE. As the British period came to an terminal on 1stDecember, 1971 ; both of the provinces came on an understanding that was finalized on 29ThursdayNovember, 1971 ( Cordesman, 2003 ) . The understanding conditions neither forced the two provinces, to gave up their claim, but made them agreed to portion the sovereignty over the island of Abu Musa ( Guzansky, 2014 ) . The nortern portion was under Persian legal power whereas the southern portion was under Sharja’s legal power ( Zwaagstra, 2013 ) . Both of the provinces has equal rights of oil development, and one to the natural resources ( Guzansky, 2014 ) . On the really following twenty-four hours, Iran violated the understanding and captured the Tungs. Two yearss before UAE was recognized as an independent province ( Ahmadi, 2008 ) .

After the failed dialogues and peace negotiations that took topographic point in the twelvemonth 1992 and 1995 ( Jaura, 2015 ) , once more in 2009, UAE addressed this issue by offering a proposal to Iran in which a proficient commission hasd to be formed that would finalise constructive treatments in context to the soverighty of the islands but once more Iran stiffly rejected the offer ( Ahmadi, 2008 ) . Even UAE accepted Persian petition to abstain from registering any controversial statements about the control of the islands, but still the province ignored UAE’s good will and didn’t responded positively.

Even after four decennaries of the initial invasion took topographic point, the international community extremely appreciates and acknowledge the vigorous attempts conducted to decide the difference through meaningful, peaceable dialogue as gulf peace is extremely built-in for the Middle East ( Jaura, 2015 ) . Even it has offered Iran to take the affair to the international Court of Justice for the concluding declaration but all the attempts are in vain ( Guzansky, 2014 ) . Iran has rejected all kinds of recommendations and even refuses to discourse clearly about the soverieghty over the islands ( Cordesman, 2003 ) .


Internationally UAE is extremely apprehended due to its vigourous attempts sing peace negotiations with Iran on the sovereignty issue of the islands ( Jaura, 2015 ) . However Iran still remains cussed ( Jaura, 2015 ) . The inquiry of a peaceable colony between the both states involues two facets one this inquiry of peace negotiations follows from the Article 2 ( 4 ) of the UN Charter ( Ahmadi, 2008 ) . Second the dialogues should be taken topographic point in an enviorment of bona fide. Hence there is none of the duty to settle the difference over the islands merely the two options mentioned are effectual ( Ahmadi, 2008 ) . If the provinces are taking portion in any armed struggle, so the both states are oblige to seek the colony procedures harmonizing to the Article 33 of the UN Charter ( Cordesman, 2003 ) . As mentioned in the recommendation part, the Security Council should take this affair earnestly and supply several options to settle the difference peacefully. A clear declaration should be demanded from the Security Council ( Zwaagstra, 2013 ) .


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