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The United Kingdom Points Based System ( PBS ) was introduced by the Labour authorities in February 2008 to replace the complex visa system. The new points based system is governed by Immigration regulations. The UK Border Agency ( UKBA ) introduced this new in-migration control system to pull off applications from people who wish to come to the UK to analyze, work and make concern. Points System are designed to ‘maximise surplus’ that is, the portion of the extra end product and income generated by in-migration. [ 1 ]

Points Based System is classified into five different grades viz. : –

Tier 1: Highly Skilled migrators, Entrepreneurs, Investors

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  • General ( now closed )
  • Entrepreneurs – For those who want to put up or take over an bing concern, and be actively involved in running a concern in the UK.
  • Investors – For those who want to do a significant fiscal investing in the UK. Like the enterprisers, it offers three old ages grant of leave. [ 2 ]
  • Post survey work ( now closed )
  • Exceeding Talent – For those who have exceeding endowments in the humanistic disciplines or scientific disciplines.
  • Alumnus Entrepreneurs – For alumnuss who have been identified by a UK university keeping a universe category entrepreneurial accomplishments to use to remain in the UK after graduation.

Tier 2 – Skilled Workers outside the European Economic Area ( EEA )

  • General – for people coming to the United Kingdom with a occupation offer to make full a vacant place that can non be filled by people in the UK.
  • Intra Company Transfers – For Employees of transnational houses who are being transferred by an abroad employer to a skilled occupation in a UK-based subdivision of the administration
  • Curates of Religion – For Preaching and Pastoral work, missionaries or members of spiritual orders
  • Sportsperson – For internationally established sportsperson and managers at highest degree.

However, to measure up under this grade, you need a sponsorship from an administration that has a valid certification of patron registered with the UK Border Agency.

Tier 3 – Unskilled Temporary Migration

  • Unskilled ( ne’er open )

Tier 4 – International Students

  • Students ( General ) for post-16 instruction
  • Students ( Child ) for kids aged between 4 and 16 go toing independent schools. New limitations were implemented on the 6Thursdayof April, 2012. All students’ visas are classed under tier 4 and to measure up, applicant must hold a valid verification of Acceptance for Studies from a university or a recognized instruction establishment.

Tier 5 – Temporary Workers, Working Vacation Makers

  • Youth mobility – For Working vacation shapers ( restricted to a few states )
  • Impermanent Workers For originative and sporting, Charity worker, spiritual, Government Authorised exchange and international understanding.

Applicants must be able to turn out that they have adequate financess to back up themselves of which non less than ?1600. They must supply documental grounds to back up this, dated no earlier than one month before using for entry clearance.

Under the Points Based System ( PBS ) an applier has to demo that they are entitled to the needed figure of points forProperties, English Skillsandfinancess. There are different Numberss of points required under these three standards and they can be found in Part 6A of the Immigration regulations. [ 3 ]

Over the old ages, the regulations have been edited and disjointed and the necessary information is spread big and broad across the Immigration regulations. The procedure of using the regulations to any given instance is complicated by the many and varied transitional commissariats which apply.

Due to the really many amendments that has been made to the PBS over the old ages, different regulations apply to applications made within the same classs depending upon the day of the month the application was made or the day of the month the applier was last given leave.

Under the new system, anyone desiring to come to or stay in the UK will necessitate to demo that they meet immigration demands and that they have adequate points to measure up. Points are earned in different ways, such as makings and net incomes, and in the bulk of instances, migrators will necessitate a patron who has Certificate of Sponsorship ( CoS ) and Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies if using as a grade 4 ( CAS ) .


One of the grounds for the move to a new in-migration system was the sensed demand to reconstruct public trust on in-migration Torahs and controls.

During its debut ; the system was criticised by the so authorities resistance, The Conservative Party. This is due to the oversights found in the country where there are deficiencies on the overall cap to the Numberss of people who can measure up under the point’s based system [ 4 ] . There are concerns where the new system fails to supply for the low-skilled migrators from outside of the EEA, this might do deficits in building industry.

Furthermore, concern, schools and universities that use Points Based System are faced with addition of regulative load. Both Business ( Tier 2 ) and educational constitutions ( Tier 4 pupil visas ) have to follow with UK Border Authority ( UKBA ) ordinances in order to derive sponsorship accreditation. This involves puting up of an immigrant monitoring system with regular coverage to UKBA on workers and pupils.

This thesis will try to find the grounds behind the alteration of formal in-migration regulations to the Points-Based System by inquiring the inquiry: Why was the Points Based System introduced and adopted in the UK? Through analysis of these new regulations and its attendant literature, every bit good as impact of the alteration on the economic system, this thesis will set up that the debut of the PBS is a agency to asseverate control over and pull off Non –European in-migration inflow into the United Kingdom and besides to cognize the consequence this has on the economic system.

This thesis will besides include an overview of the UK in-migration policies ; looking at theories behind the different policies and why the changeless alteration in the policies.

In so making, the grounds behind these policies will assist to cast more visible radiation on the debut of the PBS. It will besides demo the many factors that have helped to make old policies, such as migratory beginning, labor and demographic demands and security, which has besides play an of import function with the PBS. Following this, there will be an analysis of the PBS policy and the impact it has on the economic system of United Kingdom. This analysis will clarify on how the PBS plants, who it affects and how.

To heighten and supply a more complete overview to the analysis of the alteration, and therefore, travel beyond the expressed diction of the policy, media coverage including addresss and newspaper articles on the PBS will be analysed. These analyses will uncover public perceptual experiences of both in-migration in general and the alteration in policy. By a comparing between authorities and public sentiment will turn out that politicians and policymakers react to public demands in explicating in-migration policy particularly the Points Based System.


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