“Ulysses”, get up and seek the good.

February 19, 2019 February 25th, 2019 History

“Ulysses”, the novel written by James Joyce poses the problem of human identity by focusing on the human himself, his relations with myth, history and society.
The novel is based on a moral theme, more precisely the fact that humans are destined to suffer but also to try to get up and seek the good. He tries to explain how the human identity functions, through the experiences of his characters. Each of them suffers, falls and fights his interior conflicts.
Stephen Daedalus is one of those characters who is facing his interior conflicts, but he is also losing his identity. He does not exteriorize himself, preferring the solitude to company. The problem of the interaction with his housemates, Buck Mulligan and Haines, seems to occupy his mind most of the time. He becomes obsessed with the impossibility of having a good relationship with his father. There is no connection between them which again creates interior obsessions.
Sense of fatherhood: Stephen’s symbolic search for a father and Leopold’s symbolic search to be a father=> necessity to strengthen his identity.
Love triangle: Molly shares her attention and feeling between her husband and Blazes Boylan. Lack of sharing of feelings causes problems for Bloom.
Rivalry makes Bloom regain his masculinity towards his wife; concludes that nobody can love her more than Bloom.


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