umers a financial setback as a result

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umers and started a revolution in trends, adopted by countless other boutiques and stores. During the 1990s, Aarong continued to build brand equity through fashion shows and media publicity events. The emerging prominence of fashion in Bangladeshi society played a catalyzing role in doing this. Aarong also continued to expand its production capacity with the addition of three new AAF centers. (Aarong, 2018)
However, by the late 1990s and early 2000s, Aarong faced a financial setback as a result of mediocre management and a lack of innovation. Between 2001 and 2004, the company was restructured to improve everything from costing, pricing, design and marketing to new product introductions and brand innovations. In 2004, its sales totaled almost USD 14 million. Aarong earned a profit of USD 1.96 million for BRAC which was distributed among its agriculture, education, and health programmes, with the majority going to a special programme for the ultra-poor. In 2013, Aarong had crossed USD 50 million in sales. (Aarong, 2018)

2.3 Logo

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Aarong has a very unique and sophisticated logo. It has a color combination of black and orange. There is the black background and an orange colored peacock in the middle. Below the peacock the brand name “Aarong” is written in both Bangla and English with bold orange colored font. The eye-catching peacock symbolizes natural, echo-friendly, colorful and diversified product line. The logo is very luminous and attractive because of the color combination and the peacock with its tail. Here the black represents professionalism and belief of tradition and trend together. The orange represents energy.

2.4 Mission Statement:
The mission statement of Aarong is-
“To make Aarong the best in the world in providing a unique Bangladeshi lifestyle experience which promotes Bangladeshi pride while empowering people and protecting the environment.”

2.5 Vision Statement
Aarong’s vision is a just, enlightened, healthy and democratic Bangladesh free from hunger, poverty, environment degradation and all forms of exploitation based on age, sex, religion and ethnicity.
It also has a vision to establish itself as world’s one of the famous fair trade fashion house and to remain market leader throughout its business.

2.6 Values
Aarong has values same as BRAC, more than 300,000 people around Bangladesh are getting benefitted by Aarong. They are focusing more in future for better results to attain
Aarong has four key values-
• Integrity
• Inclusive
• Innovative
• Effectiveness

The four key values are shown in the diagram-

Their key values are described here-

• Innovation: Aarong values innovation that creates opportunities for the poor to lift themselves out of poverty. They strive to display global leadership in ground-breaking development initiatives. (Our Values, 2017)

• Integrity: They value integrity, because transparency and accountability are the most essential elements of our work ethic. With clear policies and procedures, they continue to display the utmost level of honesty in our financial dealings. (Our Values, 2017)

• Inclusiveness: They are committed to inclusiveness to ensure that they engage, support and recognize the value of all members of society, regardless of race, religion, gender, nationality, ethnicity, age, physical or mental ability, socioeconomic status and geography. (Our Values, 2017)

• Effectiveness: They value effectiveness in all our work, which constantly challenge themselves to perform better and to improve and deepen the impact their interventions. (Our Values, 2017)

2.7 Aarong’s Timeline

1978 – Opened its first retail outlet in Dhaka, Bangladesh
1982 – Established the Ayesha Abed Foundation, a network of production centres
1983 – Opened a retail outlet in Chittagong, Bangladesh
1985 – Opened a retail outlet in Sylhet, Bangladesh
1987 – Entered the export market
1995 – Opened a retail outlet in Khulna, Bangladesh
1999 – Participated in its first international fashion show
2001 – Launched a retail franchise in London, United Kingdom
2003 – Launched its sub-brand ‘Taaga’, women’s western fusion wear
2007 – Received Fair Trade certification from World Fair Trade Organisation
2008 – Celebrated its 30thanniversary with an exhibition series and fashion gala
2009 – Received ‘Best Brand’ award from Superbrands
2011 – Opened its flagship outlet in Uttara, Dhaka, Bangladesh
2012 – Opened a retail outlet in Comilla, Bangladesh, received UNESCO Award of Excellence
2013 – Launch the Artisan Development Initiative, a BRAC holistic development programme
2014 – Opened a retail outlet in Jamuna Future Park, Dhaka, Bangladesh, launched e-commerce website, launched furniture line ‘Rattan’ and product line ‘Maternity Taaga’
2015 –Opened retails outlets in Dhanmondi and Banani, Dhaka, Bangladesh (BRAC Enterprise, 2016)

2.8 Contribution in Export

Aarong exports both textile and non-textile products to more than 15 countries around the world. Aarong has started their exporting journey in 1986. They mainly export knitwear, woven apparel, home décor and fashion accessories, jute and leather products, candles and other novelty items made of metal, terracotta, brass and paper. (Export, 2017)

2.9 Rewards

In 2015 Aarong own the Best Brand Award in the Fashion Boutique category at Bangladesh Brand Forum’s Annual Award Ceremony.

The Asian Marketing Federation (AMF) has awarded Aarong with the Marketing 3.0 award on September 23rd 2016 competing against companies from its 19 member countries. The award was received by Md. Abdur Rouf, Chief Operating Officer, Aarong, during AMF’s annual award ceremony in Seoul, South Korea. Marketing 3.0 is a new approach promoted by internationally renowned marketer Philip Kotler of connecting with consumers through ‘mind share, spirit share, and heart share.’ Aarong has demonstrated this values based approach to marketing by socially and economically empowering artisans of Bangladesh and designing innovative products for its global consumer base. Aarong is country’s largest lifestyle retailer and a social enterprise of BRAC. (Aarong – Marketing 3.0 Award Winner 2016, 2017)
Aarong has been granted the prestigious 2012 UNESCO Award of Excellence for Handicrafts in South-East Asia and Asia for Jamdani Stole. The UNESCO panel of expert praised NakshiKantha table runner, “Fine execution of the traditional NakshiKantha embroidery on the piece with contemporary selection of colors and design, bringing traditional folk art into modern households” (Hasan, n.d.)
Aarong has been granted the prestigious 2012 UNESCO Award of Excellence for Handicrafts in South-East Asia Asia for bridal jewelry box. (Hasan, n.d.)

Part 3
Internship Journey
During the internship journey I was assigned with some duties and responsibilities by my supervisor.Those could be categorized into two parts-
• Regular job task
• Project task

3.2. Regular Activities:





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