Understand child young person development Essay

September 23, 2017 General Studies

LO1. Understand the expected form of development for kids and immature Peoples from birth – 19 old ages

1. 2 Explain the difference between sequence of and rate of development and why This is of import

Sequence means that there is a definite form to a kid developing e. g. a yearling being able to walk before they can run. Rate means the velocity in which a kid develops. The kid develops when they achieve this by sequencing it enables us to be after efficaciously and at the right clip. When entering the rate of development it helps us to place any concerns that we may hold within the development country. this enables you to farther look into why this is go oning. The difference is of import because velocity does non needfully hold to make with the sequence besides it’s of import to acknowledge the difference so we can place where kids need aid or at hazard.

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Physical development follows a definite sequence an illustration of this would be that a babe would hold to first larn how to keep his/her ain caput up before they would be able to sit with merely lower back supported. While the sequences are common amongst most kids what frequently changes is the rate in which they develop the accomplishments. It is of import to supervise a child’s sequence and rate of development in order for us to find the sort of aid he/she will necessitate and of whom they will necessitate to be referred excessively. From the birth of a kid to the minute the kid starts to speak. the kid will travel through different phases of development and at different rates. At first a babe will get down to larn simple physiological reactions by researching new objects through the agencies of touching and seeing. over an mean period of six hebdomads.

At the terminal of the six hebdomads. or sooner or later depending on the babe ( this is an illustration of rate of development ) . the baby’s custodies will automatically catch whatever it is topographic point in manus. due to the thenar physiological reaction. Once the simple physiological reactions have been developed the babe will travel into another phase of development where it develops primary round reactions. and after one time it has accomplished it over a certain period. it will travel on to yet another phase of development and so on. This is an illustration of sequence of development as most babes will follow a similar form of development. and these phases are known as sequences.

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