Understand school ethos, mission, aims and values Essay

November 1, 2017 General Studies


I have chosen to compare how Wimborne Infant School and Court Lane Infant School use their web site to advance the schools ethos. purposes and values and draw and comparings or differences between them foregrounding these. I am working within Wimborne and hence have besides highlighted what we do within the school to assist advance the purposes and values to the kids. School 1:

Wimborne Babies:

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We are a happy. friendly and successful school. proud to be a close community who work hard together. hold merriment and expression after one another. We are committed to uninterrupted betterment and womb-to-tomb acquisition for both kids and grownups. We want everybody to hold the chance to carry through their possible and we value everyone’s accomplishments both in and out of school. academic or otherwise. We are interested in the development of the whole individual and believe that everyone can be successful. We aim to foster academic advancement. first-class behavior. attention. consideration and good citizenship in all of our kids. We teach all facets of the national course of study and enrich this through visits. visitants. specializer instructors and particular undertakings. We build steadfast foundations which inspire enjoyment in larning. positive self-esteem. self-respect and assurance. hypertext transfer protocol: //www. wimborne-inf. Portsmouth. sch. uk/The impact that these purposes. values and the schools ethos have are many from kid to parent and instructors.

The school extremely promotes the safety and well-being of the kids and supports their uninterrupted betterment in Maths. English. ICT and development as a individual. this is reflected in the prep books sent place to parents which asks them to work with their kid and finish the book to state how they feel their kid did in the undertaking. there are besides booklets for instructors and helpers when making one to one work with kids so that we can track their patterned advance. Around the school the publicity of being friendly and polite to one another is really high. this is on postings and an ethos that the kids say during assembly.

Good impacts:

Physiques good relationships with kids and staff.
Children learn to be polite and respect grownups and one and another. Opportunities for kids to constantly better and be challenged. Opportunities for kids to better themselves off from school. Creates a happy environment for everybody.

Negative impacts:
Building such good relationships can take to distraction in category. This is reflected in the schoolroom when some kids get more easy distracted and sit speaking to their friend instead than listening to the instructor.

Effectiveness of the web site:

The web site is bright and colorful and oculus catching. The first thing you see is that the school has been rated as “good” by Ofsted and that the school is ever endeavoring to accomplish better. there is besides a nexus to the Ofsted study should anyone desire to reexamine that which shows that school has transparence and honestness. There is nevertheless nowhere for the students to travel on the web site and is chiefly aimed at supplying information for current or future parents and instructors. This could be seen as a negative as the kid so has no ground to see or larn more about the school or be portion of it online. There is tonss of information for new parents and current 1s. The web site has links to all categories so you can see and read what your kid has been larning. There are many links to other sites for admittances. and consequences as the school is proud of its accomplishments. They have a prospectus that inside informations all activities purposes. values. ethos in greater item. There is a gallery so that you can see what the instructors look like along with helpers excessively.

As a instruction helper within the school we promote these purposes. values and ethos by inquiring the kids to take notice of the boards around the school foregrounding the demand for sharing. lovingness and coverage of intimidation or inappropriate behaviors. All staff within the school are cleverly dressed. polite and caring towards the kids as per the schools purposes and values. The purposes and values of the school are promoted throughout the school on postings in the halls. schoolrooms and even in the resort area. Overall I think it is a really good web site which is easy to voyage and provides tonss of utile information to the parents. However it doesn’t have any ground for the kid to see the web site and there was nil for the larger community to position. although it does province they are happy to be contacted for any inquiries or questions. School 2:

Court Lane Babies:

We are all proud of our school and hope you will be excited by what we offer. Come and take a expression! We want kids to boom. taking happy. healthy lives with accomplishments and attitudes to accommodate in an of all time changing universe. and in making so carry through their aspirations and dreams. We offer a secure and lovingness environment. We aim for the children’s larning experiences to be prosecuting. originative and thought arousing. We believe every kid deserves first-class instruction and course of study proviso that allows for them to turn in assurance and independency.

As a professional and dedicated staff squad we track the advancement of each kid and intervene to aim extra support to guarantee our high criterions of advancement and behavior are maintained. We work in partnership with parents and the wider community for success. We hope you will portion our vision for old ages to come. capturing the enthusiasm and energy of immature scholars in order to animate them to develop a love of larning that will last a life clip. hypertext transfer protocol: //www. courtlane-inf. Portsmouth. sch. uk/

The impacts of the purposes. values and ethos for Court Lane are similar to those of Wimborne. Both schools feel that each kid has the potency to make the best they can and to be challenged whilst besides doing certain that each kid is cared for.

Good impacts:

Opportunities for after school activities.
Opportunities for the kid to boom and be happy.
Prosecuting in all activities with kids.
Negative impacts:
The purposes. values. and ethos is really short. non really descriptive and really unfastened to reading.

Effectiveness of the web site:

The web site is non really welcoming. it is in the school colors of green but is non as bright and oculus catching as the Wimborne web site. The purposes. values and ethos is short and sweet and is merely mentioned on the place page. whereas Wimborne promotes on the front page and besides in the prospectus. I could non happen a prospectus for Court Lane on the web site. The web site does advance that the school has installations for handicapped kids and promotes this and its other installations good. The web site is for parents merely every bit is Wimborne’s. there is no country for the kid to travel and prosecute. Court Lane does advance their after school activities in a good manner and displays this information good. They besides have other utile links to web sites that include: games. bbc bitesize. maintaining your kid safe online. national geographic and more.


I feel that the Wimborne web site communicates better its values. ethos. and purposes on their web site. it is besides more welcoming to the individual sing the page. It portions pictures of the instructors and some of the kids take parting in school activities so that the parents can acquire an thought of who is with their kids and what they have been making. It besides shows what they have achieved with Ofsted and are non afraid to demo this whereas Court Lane merely briefly references that they have achieved a “great” criterion. Court Lane nevertheless does advance its after school activities in a bigger and better manner than Wimborne and outlines the installations it has for disabled kids and the remainder of the students who attend.


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