Understand The Nature Of Information And Knowledge Management Essay

August 1, 2017 Management

Presents in the universe, more and more society is turning and it towards a cognition economic system. Many states have developed the schemes and set ends for the cognition economic system. Consequently, the cognition direction is of import in the organisation and it normally has value. This attack can be realized in the organisation. Most of applications about cognition direction are used for the solutions to jobs such as clients, employees and troughs in the organisation. The life has excessively many houses and complex cognition. They must vie in a complex and disputing context that is being changed by many factors such as globalisation, technological development and usage of cognition. We can understand the cognition by a simple. Besides, cognition is seen as scheme with the possible to be a beginning of competitory advantage for an organisation. This essay will concentrate on how and why Knowledge Management ( KM ) can be creates and brings competitory advantages to the company

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Understand the nature of information and cognition

Knowledge is database, information, statement and different accomplishments that are achieved by the organisation or single through experience in the society or instruction. In other words, cognition is knowledge that people understand and know. In the organisations, cognition is frequently connected informations system, the day-to-day undertakings, past activities and standard evaluations… . The information about the clients is combined with information market state of affairs, rivals and experience to convey out the appropriate policies about the market, price…that will go the cognition of organisation. Knowledge, experience, accomplishments of each person that they have learnt from the university, the market and the organisation where they have experienced… they besides become the cognition of organisation that they are lending. However, the information ever exists independently of human thought. After the human received information, information processing, caught and researched, the information will hold become cognition of one ‘s ain. For an illustration: the pupils learnt Human Resource topic at Raffles, they understood and knew about that topic. When a individual asked them to speak about the cognition of Human Resource, they talked about that topic but their cognition and thought are different. Besides that, cognition represents the truth and creates a dependable footing for actions. Knowledge is hoarded wealth and accomplishments that are created by homo ‘s intelligence. Knowledge has 2 signifiers: tacit cognition and expressed cognition. Tacit and expressed cognition has 4 procedures: socialisation, externalisation, internalisation and combination. In some states such as Vietnam, engineering invention, better merchandise quality is considered the chief manner to better fight in the procedure of integrating into the planetary economic system. But at the present clip, the people identify knowledge direction that is of import for the economic system every bit good as for organisation. Knowledge direction is the art or scientific discipline informations sets and organized thanks to the ability to place, understand relationships and forms to turn it into utile cognition information and value can be easy accessed. Besides that, knowledge direction is the procedure of designation system, receive and reassign the information and cognition that people can utilize to make, vie and hone. Knowledge direction is an country closely related to the theory and world. It is non an information engineering ; IT is merely factor support but it is really of import in cognition direction. However, KM focuses on the human

Knowledge direction creates competitory advantages in the organisation and how effectual cognition direction can convey competitory advantages

In the present clip, the new engineerings ever appear in the company, it helps the company to get the better of the rival of company. But, after the long clip, those engineerings popularized or other companies have some instrument similar, and so competitory factor will be lost. Nowadays, the engineering ever is innovated and improved in the short clip ; therefore, we can non asseverate the engineering which is competitory factor in the long clip. However, the engineering has two chief benefits such as salvaging informations and reassigning informations. We can construct a economy system and administer the effectual information. The engineering became factor which helps to salvage, administer and interchange the effectual cognition. The company can unite the engineering with cognition direction in an effectual manner, it will assist the company to make new competitory factor and raise the ability of competition in the long clip.

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Appreciate the importance of cognition direction in the organisation Knowledge direction helps directors to work efficaciously, pull off the employees in the close manner. Besides, they can give a limpid determination, decide the jobs rapidly and fulfill the clients ‘ demand

Innovate and make the thoughts for scheme and potency in the company

Help them to have the cognition from employees or other people

Transfer their cognition to employees. The employees will hold more cognition and they can near plants by easy and efficaciously

To larn, portion and assist together about cognition for bettering the company

Manage and salvage the cognition from the employees who are working at the company or left. The directors will go on to develop that cognition

To better the quality of merchandises or services and make up one’s mind the jobs which involve the company

Understand leading and the accomplishments required to efficaciously implement cognition direction processes in the workplace

Skill is an of import factor in field of direction. A good director can be a good leader and contrary. Example: captain of a ship who is a leader of ship. If the captain can take good a ship, that captain will take a ship to get the better of river for endorsing pier safely. However, the captains can take good a ship, they must hold much cognition, experience, intelligence and particularly they must cognize to pull off closely. Besides, in the organisation, leader has to believe that cognition is a large plus ; therefore they will protect, maintain and put the cognition which becomes a batch of large plus. Furthermore, consciousness is in civilization of company and in human resource of the organisation. Knowledge direction system is non a undertaking. It is a procedure to roll up cognition of many single. Consequently, knowledge direction system must be built from the start. It the organisations do non construct, they can go the empty system, hapless and neglect in the market. Besides, cognition of individual is non transferred easy to other people but they can reassign that cognition through paperss, exchange and so on. Thus, leaders need to promote the employees who have much experience to exchange, portion and take the employees who have small experience or non hold. Besides, the organisations can utilize the cognition of other organisations but they have to protect their ain cognition. Leaderships have to update new information and larn experience from the occupation and other organisations. Human can make new cognition and usage that cognition to go on for making new cognition. The organisation needs to hold a policy for enrolling forces, create working conditions for them and employees who have experience. However, leaders need to attach particular importance to employees, create the comfy on the job conditions for them and promote them to portion and interchange their cognition with employees in the organisation. If leaders do non attach particular importance to employees, those employees will go forth and convey their cognition and so the organisation will lose gifted individual and have a large spread about cognition. In add-on, leading accomplishments, be aftering accomplishments, communicating accomplishments, decide the jobs are used successfully implemented cognition direction

Try to happen ex of each phase of KM life rhythm in the company. Any phase is losing or weak


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