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October 1, 2017 Construction

NEBOSH carefully describe the ‘action verbs’ which are used within their scrutiny inquiries. The ground for this is that they tell the campaigner sitting the scrutiny the deepness of reply that is required.

Campaigners are asked to retrieve that if the inquiry asks them to province something and they so produce a drawn-out account. they will likely acquire Markss. but may good hold wasted clip and attempt and may stop up running out of clip at the terminal of the scrutiny period.

Conversely. if campaigners are asked to depict something and they give a list. they will most likely loose Markss. If campaigners do non give the deepness of reply required. they shapers will non be able to give campaigners many of the Markss allocated to the peculiar inquiry.

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Answer length
As a really unsmooth usher ( and people’s composing varies in size ) . NEBOSH expect about a page and a half for the 20 grade inquiry. and about half a page for the 8 grade inquiries. The action verbs are varied so that you should hold adequate clip to give a sensible response.

It is perfectly important that campaigners are familiar with the action verbs used in NEBOSH scrutinies. and that they understand what they really mean. so that they can bring forth the types of replies required. and evidently derive the benefits of increased grade potency. Listed below are the action verbs. together with illustrations of the kind of deepness each verb requires. However. campaigners are reminded that the illustrations given are in no manner a warrant of finite illustrations of the inquiries that may originate.


Define – provide a by and large recognised or accepted definition. e. g. Define the term ‘ergonomics’ .
Biotechnologies is the survey of the interaction between workers and the work environment.


Describe – give a word image.
e. g. Describe FOUR effects on wellness & A ; safety that might ensue from unequal lighting. Inadequate lighting may do a assortment of effects on wellness and safety.

1. When utilizing show screen equipment. unequal lighting causes the oculus musculuss to work harder. this may do concerns. impermanent weariness and even eyestrain. 2. Inadequate lighting may take to increased degrees of emphasis experience by workers as they may hold to concentrate more on the work than would be required with a sensible degree of illuming being provided.

3. If lighting degrees are hapless. workers may non be cognizant of jeopardies at floor degree. which may ensue in increased Numberss of faux pass. trips and falls.

4. Workers who have unequal lighting degrees for the undertaking they are transporting out may bring forth mistakes. These mistakes may. as a effect. consequence in hazards to their ain wellness and safety or that of others.


Explain – give a clear history of. or grounds for.
e. g. Explain why it is of import to utilize a assortment of methods to pass on wellness and safety information in the workplace.

Peoples respond otherwise to different stimulations. Some will notice written information more readily. whilst others will react to pictural information or hearable stimulations. Therefore effectual publicity of wellness & A ; safety information needs to take history of these differences. and a scope of different media should be used. Examples would be: •

Posters. which integrated images.




Videos. Etc.

The usage of different methods prevents workers going over-familiar with the stuffs. If display stuffs are changed on a regular basis. people are more likely to detect them. This helps to re-enforce the coveted message.

Variety besides helps to excite involvement and hopefully increase motive. If different methods of communicating are used. workers are given more chance to supply feedback. or go involved. Whilst some will volitionally feedback verbally. others may be daunted by talking out. but may prefer to answer in authorship. Supplying both methods for feedback would hopefully make a greater figure of people and supply a greater chance for staff engagement.

Finally. different types of information require different methods of communicating e. g. a complex safe system of work is more likely to be understood if given in composing. discussed and demonstrated. whereas a alteration in Fire Marshall could be announced at a staff meeting or displayed by the fire action notice. possibly along with the individuals exposure.


Give – provide without account ( used usually with the direction to ‘give an illustration of…’ ) .
e. g. For each of the undermentioned types of risky substance. give a typical illustration I )


two )


three )


four )


I )

toxic – lead

two )

caustic – strong acids

three )

carcinogenic – asbestos

four )

irritant – detergents


Identify – select and name.
e. g. Identify the three types of asbestos normally found in edifices. The three types of asbestos are
I )

White ( chrysotile )

two )

Brown ( amosite )

three )

Blue – crocidolite )


List – provide a list without account.
e. g. List EIGHT observations made during an review of a machine operation which may propose that the machine has non been ergonomically designed.

I )

the demand for the operator to utilize inordinate force

two )

the demand for insistent motions by the operator

three )

the demand for the operator to stretch or crouch

four )

machine controls sited in awkward places

V )

unmarked or ill marked controls or shows where their maps are non obvious

six )

deficiency of visibleness of the undertaking by the operator

seven )

the workpiece is hard to place because of its size or weight

eight )

trouble experienced in altering. seting or cleaning the machine tools.


Outline – give the most of import characteristics of ( less deepness than either ‘explain’ or ‘describe’ . but more deepnesss than list.

e. g. Outline the beginnings and possible effects of FOUR non-mechanical jeopardies normally encountered in a carpentry store.
Several non-mechanical jeopardies could be present including:
I )

Dust from sanding and sawing operations. which could take to lung upsets and perchance malignant neoplastic disease.

two )

Chemical jeopardies from varnishes and gums which could take to dermatitis. annoyance of the air passages and sleepiness.

three )

Noise. which could take to noise-induced hearing loss. tinnitus and emphasis.

four )

Manual handling jeopardies which could do musculoskeletal upsets.


Sketch – supply a simple line pulling utilizing labels to place specific characteristics. e. g. A pneumatic drill is to be used during extended fix work to the floor of a warehouse. Identify. by agencies of a labeled study. THREE
possible transmittal paths the noise from the drill could take.

1. Reflected noise from walls & A ; surfaces

2. Directly through the air from drill to individual

3. Transmission through the construction of the edifice


State – a less demanding signifier of ‘define’ . or where there is no by and large recognised definition.
e. g. State the form and coloring material. and give a relevant illustration. of EACH of the undermentioned types of safety mark:
I ) prohibition

three ) mandatary

two ) warning

four ) exigency flight or first-aid.

I )

Prohibition marks have a white background within a ruddy circle and with a diagonal ruddy line – for illustration a no smoke mark.

two )

Warning marks have a xanthous background within a black trigon – for illustration. marks used to warn against the jeopardies of flammable stuffs. radiation & A ; electricity.

three )


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