Understanding Filipino Psychology: a Thought Paper Essay

October 15, 2017 Psychology

What is Filipino Psychology? Harmonizing to Enriquez. Filipino Psychology is anchored on Filipino idea and experience every bit understood from a Filipino position. As I understood through our readings. Filipino Psychology for me is the behaviour. ideas. experiences and nature of the Filipino people from their ain position. I have discovered that methods in specifying and mensurating Filipino psychological science have been derived from Western methods and others possibly because of our shared history with the different civilizations that have been brought to us during our country’s colonisation. Therefore. we do non hold our really ain distinguishable civilization. different from others.

Culture. For me. it refers to the patterns and traditions that have been handed down from coevals to coevals. Cultural values that are really Filipino in nature such as “ Bahala Na ” . “ Utang na Loob ” . “ Hiya ” . “ Palusot “ and “ Pakikipagkapwa ” are really known to all of us and might be even practiced by some of us. The construct of “ Bahala Na ” or the attitude of vacating and retreating from an battle or crisis or a slacking from a personal duty. and “ Palusot ” or doing alibis and loopholes from making a certain duty assigned and designated for you are some of the illustrations of the negative cultural values of the Filipinos. However. the construct of “Utang Na Loob ” may be either positive or negative.

Since we all know that civilization is dynamic and it changes from clip to clip. we are now in the age of planetary engineering where typewriters were overshadowed by computing machines and laptops. where snail mail evolved to electronic mails and cellular phones are really much in demand and is now considered a NEED. Filipino civilization is no exclusion. Filipino civilization have so have changed through clip. The Philippines is now the text capital of the universe because we are the state that sends the most figure of text messages per twenty-four hours. Appliances have been considered a necessity and non anymore a luxury that merely the well-off could purchase. Even those who hardly manage to eat three repasts a twenty-four hours hold mp3 participants and i-pods and cellular phones with cameras.

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The Philippines have non changed. Our state is still located in Asia. Our state still has 7. 107 islands. 3 chief islands Luzon. Visayas and Mindanao. But. the Filipinos have so changed. Our civilization and traditions are easy being forgotten by us. Globalization and engineering promotions have started to overcast our heads into continuing our traditions. “ ang sariling atin ” as we say it.


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